Catching up on the weekend

Friday I did the regular WOD at Crossfit because it was made for my style of gimp. I was totally proud of myself because I did the WOD in under 10 minutes. My dips were all on boxes not rings – but the last time I tried to jump up on rings I reinjured my knee (also I do not have the strength to do ring dips – but we’ll pretend I was gun-shy about jumping on the rings). I did not start Paleo food log until Saturday.

Saturday Andrew and I went to the coast. We stayed in a lovely hotel. Before we headed out my breakfast was:

2 eggs, 1 cup of coffee with almond milk, 2 slices of bacon.

Then on the road I got a 16oz 4shot breve (milk is not paleo, but for my coffee I still drink it now and again).

When we got to the coast we checked in and went searching for food. We ended up at Norma’s Ocean Diner. I got the 10 oz ribeye, a salad and about 2 cups of veg (instead of potatoes or rice).

Aside: The coast is only an hour and a half away from Portland (or an hour if I am driving) – why is the food so awful? I ordered my steak “medium-rare-closer-to-rare” and it arrived at medium temp. The steak looked like it had been cut by a blind butcher trying out the new hand implants. My side salad came with shrimps on it. Mind you this is the COAST, yet the shrimps were the frozen kind that had no flavor, even during life, so gave themselves over, out of disgrace, to Mrs. Paul’s. Andrew got the pork chop. It was about as thin as the $10 bill we laid down for it and had absolutely no seasoning on it. The side of vegetables we ordered in lieu of rice or potato were so over-cooked that Gerber’s would have turned them down as too mushy. It was a highly disappointing food experience. It seems the Oregon Coast is filled with those.

We went for a long walk on the beach in the sand and sat on a log for a while. Eventually I had to get back to the room to do some work. Andrew did too (for values of work that equal napping in the sunbeam – he’s a lot like a cat).

Because of the overly disappointing lunch we went to Safeway for food for dinner and breakfast. Safeway has really cheap roasted chickens that are really good. Dinner ended up being:

spinach salad, 2 handfuls of roasted almonds, half a bag of vegetable chips, half a roasted chicken, half a ton of red grapes.

We went for a walk on the Boardwalk. Andrew and I seem to have really good coast-dar. It is always hit or miss for weather, we seemed to hit. On both walks there were lots of people with their dogs. I kept whistling dogs over for petting while Andrew looked on dismayed that such an animal exists. Andrew is very like a cat.

Then there was this morning. Andrew woke me up by batting on my face with his paw. I started working on getting breakfast ready in the efficiency kitchen while Andrew perked up in a shower. The efficiency kitchen has a sink with no disposal, a coffee maker with not tasty coffee available to be made, a counter that is about half the size of the sink, a plug in burner set that fits under the sink and in all other ways is totally an inefficient way to cook.

I got the coffee started. I plugged in the burners and started breakfast:

1 cup of mediocre coffee, 1.5 boiled eggs, 3 slices Canadian bacon, 1 hotel fire alarm from the Canadian bacon.

We packed up and started to walk the Boardwalk again. But there was a lot of misting rain. We got back to the hotel quickly, got in the car and I started us on the drive back while Andrew groomed his drizzled spattered coat.

I stopped for a 16oz 4 shot breve. 

Back on the road.

Andrew napping and he and the car purring away while I listened to Car Talk and A Prairie Home Companion.

The rest of the day was snacking on almonds and pepperoni and sitting in front of a lovely fire. Andrew went grocery shopping. I had a glass of Orange Juice and started Dinner. Here is the recipe:

Kitchen sink stirfry:

2 t coconut oil

½ onion

1 red bell pepper

leftover snow peas that only have about one or two more days

leftover slivered almonds

heaping spoonful of shredded coconut

2 pieces of garlic

1 package Trader Joe’s baby broccoli

leftover spinach

2.5 T Sesame Oil

1 T Hot Oil

3 glugs cooking sherry

2 glugs fish oil

1 glug rice vinegar

another glug or two of fish oil

as many as you can handle without losing flavor tasters red pepper flakes

1 pork something from the freezer

2 chicken breasts from the freezer

Cut the chicken and pork into eating sized cubes. Put them into a bowl and put all the liquids and pepper flakes in with it. Mix it up and let it sit while you chop up all the veggies. I like making my onions slicy along with my red bell peppers. Mostly I just like things to fit well together and look pretty without compromising taste.

Get your pan hot and put in the coconut oil then the onions then remember you wanted to put garlic in this too this give the onions time to cook while you smash two garlic cloves up and throw them in. Add bell peppers and baby broccoli and two pinches of kosher salt. Stir while it fries. Add the shredded coconut. When everything is glazed looking but not “cooked” cooked, put it in a bowl on the side of the stove.

Get the chicken and pork and without getting much of the liquid put that into the pan add the shredded almonds. When there is about 3 minutes of cooking left on the meat this is when you remember that you wanted some ginger in this recipe as well. Put some in and stir it up then add the veg back in. This will extend the cooking time by about 5 minutes.

Make sure your meat is cooked.

When it is all done put it in a bowl that has the leftover spinach in it and stir. This will cook the spinach. If I forgot anything in the recipe that I put in the list or vice versa, make it up, I did.

Serve. Yum.

Tomorrow, back to Crossfit.