Hockey Halloween

I dressed up for Halloween today. I don’t really understand how anyone can play hockey with so much clothing on. Also it became quite evident about an hour into work that hockey gear should not be worn in iceless climes. I am notoriously cold – and I was peeling off layers of the gear until my coworkers started pulling out their dollar bills. 

My morning started with a hard boiled egg and some pepperoni and grapes and orange juice. I got to work and made a cup of Starbuck’s Via. I love that stuff. About two hours into work I realized I hadn’t slept enough. So I got a quad 16oz breve. Which leads me into the second reason why my costume was not the greatest idea – it was quite a production trying to go to the bathroom. There were layers and velcro and drawstrings and combination locks and secret passwords involved. Next year I am going as a soccer player, that seems less encumbering – plus if someone bumps into me in the hall I can fall on the floor and scream like my ACL is torn and people might actually believe me.

I brought with me a paleo shepherd’s pie (use sweet potatoes and squash instead of potatoes, no cheese), by 10:30 it was gone. At 11:30 I was digging into Kitchen Sink Stirfry leftovers. At 1, while unwrapping a 3 Musketeers I was trying to figure out how to justify the 3 pieces of Halloween chocolate I had already eaten – Caveman WOULD have eaten it. By my 5th piece I realized I had better hit the road home before the sugar coma set in. I made it just in time.

I laid down to rest my eyes for a bit and Andrew woke me up an hour later. I shuffled through the house wondering if I could count Bejeweled Blitz as my WOD and eventually got into the car and headed to the gym in not-hockey-gear.

Today’s normal WOD was 1000m row, 50 pull-ups, 100 mountain climbers for time. I can row and pull-up but not mt. climb. So I changed out the mt. climbs for 100 10lb-weighted situps. I finished in 13:05. It wasn’t the best time ever. Part of the issue was probably the chocolate, part of it was that I was the only one working out at that time – Crossfit is funny and cool that way, you really are only competing against yourself, but you want to beat the others’ times and then when you are done you root them on like you are all one team. It’s very motivational to have other people at your workout. I assume most everyone else was on the trick or treat beat.

I got home and had some recovery pepperoni and almonds. When I finish this post I am off to my second workout – AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) Bejeweled Blitz.