Gimpy Fifty

I woke up this morning with a great thought: I have way more self-control than I have been showing of late. I like chocolate (I am not some kind of animal) – but not as much as I have been eating it. Also, it really isn’t Paleo and I need to go Cavewoman strong for a little bit so that I can really get back to the body I never had.

The Filthy 50 is a benchmark WOD in crossfit. I love it – but in my current state there was no way I was going to be able to do it even though it was today’s WOD. Instead, I got to do the Gimpy 50:

50 step ups

50 jumping pullups (“jumping” with weight on right leg)

50 sitting kettlebell swings (I was sitting on the side edge of a weight bench and swinging the kettlebell under it)

50 box pass-throughs (this was its own kind of hell where I was balanced between 2 20inch boxes swinging my straight legs from back to front to back as 1 rep)

50 knees to elbow (where I twisted my knee slightly – though quite painfully – with only about 11 to go. I kept going.)

50 presses (some of them were pushed but only with right leg)

50 reverse back extensions

50 calorie row

50 pushups

50 single leg jump rope


I finished in 25:06, or 23:06, or 27:06 or 67:06. I wish I remembered. I was too tired to remember. In fact I didn’t even remember the workout, I had to look at it written down.

In good news my MRI is scheduled way sooner than I expected it to be.