Weekly update

Welcome to the weekly update, I’m Hadas Cassorla and you’re not.

Wednesday I took a day off from Crossfit. I would also say I took a day off from Paleo, but I think that the next day was actually when I stopped not taking days off from Paleo (I know that is a hard sentence to deconstruct, work it out).

I am not much of one to worry about what the scale says and don’t remember the last time I weighed myself at home. Mostly I go by how my clothes fit and how strong I feel. However, I had a doctor’s appointment a week ago and then one again this week and was weighed at each. Purportedly I lost 3 pounds. I think that speaks a lot to Crossfit, Paleo and happy hour nachos at Casa Del Matador.

I also think I look a wee smaller in this picture than last weeks, but that may be that I am turned at a slightly different angle or maybe had a little less water in me, or was sucking my breath in more.

Thursday was super fun at Crossfit. Not so much because of the WOD – though it was fine, but because I was in a super sassy mood. Stephanie – another member – was there and she is always good for some sassy banter.

Aside: Have you ever been in a mood that is so good and sassy and smart aleck-y and had your trainer walk in on it, and you could just feel that no matter how sexy her new haircut was, and how sassy she normally is to you, she is super irritated by your mood? Yah, me neither.

The WOD was 4x (25 situps, 25 double unders, 25 squats). My ACL-torn-GimpWOD version of that was 4x(25 situps, 25 single-legged jump rope, 250m row). I finished in 9:something. I should probably start monitoring my actual times in things. It would make me sound more impressive.

Friday WOD was fun too, this time mostly because I am too gimpy to be able to do 5 lengths of the gym burpee broad jumps. The WOD was 3x (50 wall balls, 15 goblet or front squats, 250ft burpee broad jumps). I don’t have any idea what my time was. But, it was faster than those doing the normal WOD. I also was far less miserable. Burpee broad jumps are a menace. 

My G-WOD was 3x (50 wall ball situps, 15 presses, 750m row). By the end of all of this Gimp WODing, I will be eligible to row on USA olympic crew.

I was going to go to Crossfit this morning but did not set the alarm. I woke up about 15 minutes after the class started. So I did an at-home workout: 5 reps carry firewood upstairs, 2 rounds beat Andrew at Scrabble, as-much-napping-as-possible (AMNAP) in front of toasty fire. It was a solid G-WOD. I may have to use it as my benchmark.