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Andrew hurt his shoulder playing hockey. He got pushed down and it got strained and he has been seeing Dr. Dave for it. It’s healing.

I got the cats calming collars two weeks ago. The collars have cat pheromones on them that are supposed to soothe the cats because it is like the mom pheromones that soothes them which is of course assuming the cats had nice moms that gave them pheromone love. The collars worked pretty well which I define as allowing the cats to be in the same room with each other without growling or hissing. Also, when Widget started chewing on hers a week ago and got it stuck in her mouth, Andrew said she sounded calm as she tore her face off trying to get it out of her throat. And, when I vacuumed up the cat hair left all over the carpet from the incident there was very little blood on it. Andrew put the collar on himself so that he’d stop getting upset. I was able to take it off of him this weekend and he seemed okay.

The orange room continues to be worked on. We got the closet framed and the window and door framed. We purchased the crown moulding last weekend. We bought it in the 12 foot strips so there would be less cutting and gluing. Andrew spent about 35 minutes in the truck bed with bungee cords, a graphing calculator, a copy of How to Tie Sailors Knots for Dummies, and a glue gun to ensure the safe travel of the moulding from the Home Depot to the house. He finally finished all the securing and asked a passing Shaman to make a blessing over the wood. He finished off the whole process by rubbing the pheromone collar for good luck.

He got into the bed of the truck and off we went to finish the room. While at Home Depot we had also purchased new window framing because the first time we measured and cut we forgot to take into account that we don’t know what the hell we are doing. We started talking about finishing the room because the next project was going to be building the chicken coop. Suddenly, but not unexpectedly (see the foreshadowing above) the moulding broke in half and settled on to the I-5N (and half into the truck bed).

Andrew dropped me off at home and went to repurchase the moulding from a non-highway-travel-required Depot. This weekend we put in the baseboards. Then we went to Bi-Mart and bought a stud finder. Although it was handy, we could have just measured one inch from where we’d put the nails in the first time around and had the same results.

Andrew is almost healed and is at least good enough to go play hockey this Wednesday. Widget is completely healed and now without the collars the cats (and Andrew) have gone back to their normal hissing routines.