Somewhere deep inside I knew that the hard pain part of the surgery would eventually end and, I hope, it has.

Now comes the slow healing part. The part where I have to remind myself that just a little less than a week ago I was blacking out in the shower and it is totally unreasonable of me to want to be able to run a 10k with Andrew on Saturday. It is also forgivable that after a jaunt through the VA for my follow-up with my surgeon I need a 2 hour nap. These are the things I have to remind myself.

This past weekend I got sick of looking down my leg and only seeing a bruised-up, swollen, good-for-nothing extremity. So, I called my friend Gigi and she fixed me right up.

Yes, those are my gnarly feet, but look at the paint job Gigi did! Nike swooshes and on the big toes a runner and a crossfitter!