Getting a Move On

So, Andrew and I are moving in together. That is probably surprising, because it appears everyone thought Andrew and I already lived together. Everyone, but Andrew. But, now that he agrees we are living together I had to move my stuff from my incredibly overpriced storage unit (apartment) into the house.

My apartment stuff was moved two weeks ago with some help from friends. Moving is such a hassle. I have no idea where things should go, or what stuff of Andrew’s to get rid of so that my stuff can take its place. So, for two weeks all of my things have been sitting in the living room in boxes.

Luckily, now Andrew is in Nicaragua. This is the optimal time to move my stuff in and sort through things and get rid of stuff we don’t need or want. To top it off I am going to paint the bedroom and fix it up so that it looks like a bedroom as opposed to a room with a bed in it.

One of the things I want is a bed frame; I really like the platform beds – they are simple, clean and good looking (like Andrew). So I started doing some online shopping and it turns out that that I LOVE online shopping. I don’t much care for online buying but I love going through all of the different websites and trying to find a bargain. I spent a good 4 hours looking through websites for platform beds. I was on Craigslist in the regular for sale and in the for free area, I went to eBay and Overstock, Target and Wal-Mart, Pottery Barn, Bed Bath and Beyond, This Bed’s for You, Bed-azzled, and Bedlam.* I found some beds I liked, but I just can’t bring myself to spend the money. At least I now have a hobby.

Now I am going to take a break from the bed shopping and am going to sort through books so I can make a trip to Powell’s on Saturday to trade the ones I don’t want for credit. I may even go through some of my books while I am at it.

*some bed store names embedlished