3-2-1 go…

You know how sometimes you get home and turn the key in the door but it doesn’t feel like the door had been locked at all? Then, you know how you scan your brain heavily and can do a slo-mo play-by-play of leaving the house, with Al Michaels’s voice narrating, and remember that you absolutely did lock the door?

My senses were all on high alert. I heard a noise to my left and suddenly jumping at me from the kitchen counter was Widget – bad kitty; I will have to have Andrew give her a stern talking to about being on the counter.

I ventured slightly further into the house and was suddenly allayed when I saw Lola. If there was a monster, or stranger, or Andrew’s mom in the house, she would have been in hiding. And, just as my guard was let down I saw a hockey player laying prone on the kitchen floor with limbs akimbo and let out a shriek.

My heart started beating rapidly and I was trying to figure out what would be worse, running on my knee that is still not recovered from surgery or venturing further in to see if Stranger Danger was alive. And that is when I recognized the jersey. It was Andrew’s hockey jersey, and Andrew’s hockey socks and Andrew’s helmet. Lola has a penchant for dragging Andrew’s hockey gear up the stairs. It’s like Kitty Crossfit.

Although my heart recovered I was still on high alert the rest of the night. Also, I was slightly disappointed that I was not able to use this as an excuse to finally go on a run.