Kenmore or Less

I have officially become one of THOSE people.

I hate the dishwasher. I am washing all of our dishes by hand. It is not because I have some sort of moral anti-dishwasher political stance. It is because I like to have clean dishes. The kind with food no longer on them when they are “clean.”

I don’t really mind washing the dishes by hand. With my arthritis all acty-uppy of late it is kind of nice to have a hot hand soak. What I do mind is that the dishwasher doesn’t work. This is the kind of dishwasher that is sold with the fluffy promise of never having to pre-wash your dishes. What Kenmore forgot to mention is that means you will have to post-scrub your dishes because now the food you left on the dishes when putting them in the dishwasher is cooked onto your plates. And, really, if I have to pre-wash my plates in order to avoid the post-scrub I may as well put some soap on that sponge and put the plate in the dishrack instead of the dish-throw-hot-water-on-dirty-plates-and-cook-food-and-grease-into-them-er.

My ex-mother-in-law used her dishwasher as a dry goods pantry. Mine may become the onion drawer.