But Seriously Folks

When I was in law school one of my and my friends’ favorite games was to catch peoples’ grammar and spelling errors. Elitist? Maybe. Fun? Hells to the ya!

One such event was when a future-attorney in our class gave a presentation in which she stated that doing things in the way she was recommending would make a process go “quicklierly.” I mean, how could you not snark at that? This was the same girl who wrote me a(n attempt at) scathing email that stated “with all do respect Hadas….” The tone was the same as that of the super-racist starting his sentence with, “I am not racist; but….” My response to her included, “I think you mean DUE and I don’t think you mean respect.” I am pretty sure she didn’t really understand my rejoinder – yet, even she passed the bar.

Lawyer types can be quite impressed with their own spelling and grammar abilities – then again, we/they live and die by the written word. Analogously, if I didn’t put my M16A2 together properly in basic training I would get hazed. So, maybe it’s elitism or maybe it’s just part of the process.

Hazing, joking and snarking aside – for you out there who love a good spelling competition; wherein, you can win glamorous prizes, high acclaim, and help a very good cause, come out to The Rumblebee’s Revenge:

Next Thursday (April 26, 2012)

at ComedySportz (1963 NW Kearney)

at 7:30 (PM)

This event is to help raise funds for SOSSA (a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness about sibling sexual abuse to the community in an effort to help fight against sexual violence).

Come out and spell. Come out and cheer spellers on. Come out and buy things during the auction. Come out and have a beer. Most importantly: come out and write a check (or swipe your card). All proceeds go to helping victims receive counseling.

My role in this? I am sound. Which is the first time anyone has referred to me as sound… (it’s a bad pun).

See you there!