Yesterday was so exciting!

Andrew took me to a lovely restaurant that had a ditzy waitress. When I asked her to describe the Sauvignon Blanc she told me it was a white wine that was only slightly dry and from Chile. I asked her how it tasted (as a follow up to try and get anything helpful) and she said that it tasted like, “a Sauv.” To those uninitiated in wine, her responses were about as helpful (only slightly less so) as had she said – it is fermented grape juice and comes in a light-brown tinted glass bottle.

Dinner was fun and I got slightly less-than-sober off of my glass and a half of wine. I really know how to whoop it up! After dinner Andrew took me to see a UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) show. It was really fun. Even Andrew was laughing hysterically.

Today we mostly puttered around and tonight we are babysitting the nephews. The oldest one is nine and right on the cusp of thinking he is smarter than everyone else he meets. He gets this delightful look on his face as he is attempting to come up with the proper subterfuge to convince the non-parental adult to do the things he normally would not be allowed to do. Finally at one point I sent him to his room to calm down. Andrew looked delighted.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh, he just hasn’t realized that you have a stronger will than he does. He’ll learn. I did.”

“Good thing too. Now, back to work!”

Oh! And I taught my nephews to knit.

But, after all of that, the real news is this – I biked about 7 miles yesterday. And I swam 200 meters. And today I ran maybe a half mile.

My knee – IS FINE!!!! I think I am ACTUALLY recovering! I am so excited. And exhausted.

Tomorrow: Half Marathon