I’m Adjusting

My knee is slowly healing. After one and a half months of acupuncture and massage my leg has revised its plan to stop working for good. I can even run maybe five or ten miles (per week) – hey, it’s something.

My last acupuncture appointment I got cupped. Before you go calling the board of health to report my molestation, please note, it was a consensual cupping. My acupuncturist also told me that muscles are not supposed to feel like bone and recommended I find a chiropractor for all of my neck crackling.

At my last massage appointment, Victoria (the best masseuse EVER – I mean she will beat the crap out of you SO good!), worked on removing what I can only assume are spikes from my shoulder. She also said muscles are not supposed to feel like bone. I told her I heard that one before. Then she said I should probably see a chiropractor because she had to push some ribs back in.

I was mortified. How could a rib be out of place and I just go about my day not noticing it? Surely had Berkowitz noticed that I had a rib poking out he’d have basted and slow cooked me.

With two suggestions in one week, I decided a chiropractor would be a good idea.

I received a recommendation for Dr. Ott of the aptly named Ott Chiropractic. He is near ComedySportz Portland. He is friendly, rides a Harley, and is super efficient. By efficient I mean that I got a same day appointment and ended up adjusted and finished with my appointment before my actual appointment time. I showed up 10 minutes early and it took him about 5 to 7 minutes with me. I have seen him five more times since then. I totally appreciate his speediness and feel well adjusted (physically).

My rib now seems to be staying in its proper place most of the time. I think Andrew is slightly disappointed, but – he did make spare ribs yesterday in honor of the fact that ribs are DELICIOUS.