Tri That on For Size

I was at the airport a while back and bored. Apparently a Kindle, an iPhone, a laptop and a friend sitting next to me are just not enough for my voracious ADD (also, to be fair, it was the end of the trip and my friend was at his limit with my extroverted rendition of EVERY ANNOYING PERSON IN THE WORLD).

I went to the newsstand to see if I could amuse myself. Lo and behold there it was: Triathlete magazine. The heavens parted the angels sang.

I grabbed the magazine and went into hyperfocus (the other, less-discussed, side of ADD). I was in – hook, line and sinker. I want to be a triathlete. It’s my next goal. I told Andrew and he said to talk to his brother who has done these things.

I must say, I was a little tentative to reach out to Jason. He’s always been very nice to me; but, I am shy and a little self conscious and I was nervous reaching out to him. He allayed my fears immediately by telling me he would be delighted to give me advice because he is an “expert and a blowhard” (I am getting business cards for myself with that as a tagline).

Jason gave me excellent advice and let me read some things he’d written about racing and I was ready to get going.

Unfortunately, there is still the minor detail of my body not working properly because my knee is all messed up from my ACL tear-and-repair. That meant no working on cycling and no running. But, I could swim to my heart’s content. I got a new suit (I had a suit, but I feel like when starting a new endeavor you should put up some money on it in order to really solidify your commitment – also, the suit is UH-dorable), read and watched videos of total immersion swimming (apparently I have been swimming incorrectly my entire life), watched some Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte Olympic action (gotta have goals), and headed to the gym.

I started swimming during my lunch breaks at work. Total immersion is not easy to learn but I think I am starting to get the hang of it.

And that’s when it happened.*

Last Monday I swam. About 6 hours later my knee gave up. I could barely put weight on it at all. Rest, ice, compression, ibuprofen (elevation is not really available at work) and two days of whining later I went and saw my orthopedic surgeon.

Apparently, I am fine. I am right where I need to be according to him. Which is in too much pain to do any kind of exercise (to include walking for very far). His theory is that my pain tolerance is so high that I don’t stop exercising when I should and push my knee past therapeutic exercise into “you want another surgery (to be said in Jewish mother dialect)?”

I am now off exercise for about another week and then able to slowly integrate it in again with strict orders to pay more attention to swelling (even if it is just a little bit).


Some day, I will be an athlete again.

*If the turn of events was unexpected please refer to the name of this blog site.