Cold Read

Over the past three days I have finished three books. It sounds like a luxury, but really it’s just all there was to do under this cold.

It started Tuesday night when I came home and it felt suddenly like there was a golf ball in my throat whenever I tried to swallow. Until we are sick, I don’t think any of us really realizes how often we actually swallow. The pain was miserable. Andrew put me on a strict regimen of Cepacol throat lozenges and ibuprofen – which was painful to swallow. I slept on the couch for fear of getting Andrew sick right before his Spain trip.

When I awoke the next morning the golf balls were gone. Probably they were removed by whomever was thoughtful enough to scrub my throat clean with Brillo. I pretended for about 15 minutes that I was going to work, then called the doctor to go in for a strep test. The doctor was available at around 11 and Andrew drove me. On the drive to the VA he pointed out to me that he has been to the VA with me in the past 3 years more often than he has ever been to the hospital in his life prior. It warms me that I can bring him new experiences.

The doctor took a culture and let me crash on her heated exam table for the half hour it took to find out it wasn’t strep – probably a virus, drink lots of fluids, call me if you feel you are getting sinus or lung infections so I can give you antibiotics if you end up needing them. I like how my doctor feels like I am qualified to make those judgments – especially with a fever.

I got home and finished reading 50 Shades of Grey. It’s pretty bad – but, I am going to read the other two in the series to make sure that they are as bad as the first one. I think it’s funny how the author calls her ladyparts her “sex”. As in, “He put his hand on my sex.” I suppose that is slightly more sensuous than, “he fondled my ladyparts.” Still, not by much.

The next book I picked up is not a novel, it’s a memoir. Jeneration X, by Jen Lancaster. She is one of my favorite bloggers. Her memoirs Bitter Is the New Black and Bright Lights, Big Ass are hysterical. This one, is good, but not quite as funny. I think she was trying too hard to find a theme for her book that she lost sight of what makes her such a good author. But this book is still good and you should totally read it. I stopped reading long enough to watch the debates and take a bath. Then I read myself to sleep.

I woke up Thursday morning with the thought that I should go to Crossfit. I mean I went Tuesday and had a really good workout. It’s time to reclaim my fitness. I got off the couch and practically passed out heading to the bathroom. I went back to the couch and woke up when Andrew started making breakfast. Then again at noon. My throat was still sore.

At this point I was sick of reading a little so I decided to watch some movies. I went to Netflix and watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a documentary about the best sushi chef in the world. Then I found a delightful little romcom called Romantics Anonymous – which is a French film about two nervous chocolatiers who fall in love awkwardly. Both movies were subtitled. I had accidentally stopped reading books in order to read movies.

While I was watching these movies Andrew was in the other room finishing up Wild Thing by Josh Bazell and he seemed to enjoy it. So, when I turned in that night it was to that book. It has a really weird political plot twist in the middle. But, the guy’s writing is pretty funny.

Today I woke up at 630 and took a shower. Then I read the Internets for about an hour in order to stall going to work to see if I was really up to it. Then I slept until 10. I woke up extra snotty, and with a newly formed headache and glassy-eyes. I decided there would be no reading and instead turned on the Netflix. Today, my brain was all mushy so it was all Disney teen movies all day long. It started with High School Musical and went downhill from there (Starstruck and Geek Charming – if you must know). I am 37 years old. I wonder if I will ever stop feeling like a dreamy dewy-eyed high school girl when I watch these movies (I hope not).

The entire time I have been sick Andrew has taken really good care of me. He has made me food and tea and gotten me medicine and has done just the right amount of hovering. He’s also avoided making any kind of physical contact, even plopping pills in my hand from two inches above – just in case there is germ spreading. And, of course, his toothbrush has moved from the usual toothbrush cup to the plate so that the germs don’t jump from my bristles to his.

This evening I was antsy. I needed to get out of the house – a sure fire sign that A. I am an extrovert and B. I am just about through being sick. I drove around the block and got some take-out Thai. Then I snuggled on the couch and read. I finished the Wild Thing book about an hour ago and realized that I actually feel better (this could not happen sooner as I have a lot of things to do this weekend, not the least of which is put on a one-act play that Andrew wrote and I directed). That’s also when I realized that Andrew is looking a little peaked. Apparently me staying on the couch ended up making him sick anyway. If this is how he gets with just 3 days away from me I am really concerned about his 3 weeks in Spain…


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