Cooped Up

I have been in this house every day since Wednesday. Today, I finally got out of the house and went to rehearsals for the play I am directing. By the time I got home I was exhausted. It’s amazing how much a cold can wear a person down.

Andrew, who has also been sick, and I took a two hour nap. Then we rolled over and took another hour nap.

Then we decided we both needed some outdoor time, so we went out to play with the chickens. I brought the dregs of grapes that were too mushy for human consumption but not yet rotten, and an apple. It’s really cute when the chickens attack fruit. That is, until the fruit is gone and they assume my painted toes must be fruit. The chickens keep attacking my toes as if they were fruit no matter how frequently they turn out to be just toes (every time for those keeping track at home).

Lately, when we go play with the chickens, I come back inside and start scanning Craigslist for more. We lost two of the original ones we had and so we only have six. Andrew and I eat a lot of eggs and also we really like chickens. Today, I contacted several of the posts and got a response at 7:30 from a guy selling a Buff Orpington (Andrew says he is using that as a character name in the next game of Soap Opera he does), a Barred Rock (or as I like to think of her, Bard Rock – I imagine Shakespeare/Journey mash-up), and two more Red Stars. I bundled up, grabbed a box to transport them in and went to pick them up.

Once I got them home I clipped their wings and Andrew put them on the roost. Purportedly that is a good way to mix chickens without as much henpecking – though they will still have to figure out their pecking order. We had to turn on the light outside to do all this so we could see and instead of gently having new chickens mingled in a roost with already at home chickens, we ended up waking up all the chickens who then came out to their coop and started looking around confused and irritated that it was so light outside. It reminded me of Andrew – every morning. We turned out the lights and I gently coaxed (read: shoved) the chickens back in their coop, where they stayed.

The biggest problem now is trying to keep Andrew distracted and entertained enough so that he doesn’t go outside and wake the chickens up to play with them.


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