Aw Crop!

My chicken has a yeast infection.

We discovered that one of the chickens had a sort of overly soft and fatty looking neck/chest area. After some quick research on I was guided to this article about sour crop – which is basically a chicken yeast infection.

Of the five potential causes of this I am going to rule out her eating too much sugar or wearing pantyliners – I think I would have noticed either of those.

One of the first things you have to do to help the chicken is turn it upside down and massage her crop to help her vomit fluid. Andrew helped with this and I am certain had any neighbors been watching they’d have thought we were Bahá’í preparing for services. The crop felt a bit like a fondly used hacky-sack. No vomit was produced.

The good news is she is eating well and drinking and those are the things to be most concerned about with a soft crop. I gave her some yoghurt and I hope that it works because I don’t even want to think of how or where I would have to apply Vagisil.


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