I currently have a big bag of ice on my knee.


(You thought I was making it up?)

Not because I am injured, but because an ounce of prevention is worth something or other. I went and crossfitted (or is it crossfat or maybe crossedfit?) today.

The WOD was:


10 Pull ups

20 14lb Wall Ball

30 Double Unders

I did half of that in twice as long as it took the trainer to do all of it.

But, you know what? I DID HALF THAT WORKOUT!!! I did two sets instead of four, and it took me about twelve and a half minutes. And my double unders were better than they’d been before I tore my ACL which is the last time I was able to attempt DU’s – that’s over a year ago for those of you keeping track at home.

I was absolutely beaming with pride and joy that I could do the half of the workout that I did… well, I mean after I recovered. And, by recovered, I mean consciousness. Within my first ten pull-ups (read: two) my heart and lungs were like, “Um, excuse us, we don’t mean to interrupt or anything, but WHAT THE FUCK???”

I was gasping for breath and taking a break between each station. By my second round of 30 DU’s I was taking a nap between each jump. Jack (the coach) was about to pull the defibrillator off the wall. But, I made it through. And now, I have a bit of warmth in my knee, but no swelling. Nope, all the swelling is in my chest tonight!


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