While the Andrew’s Away

Andrew is the prime care taker for the menagerie of pets. He works from home all day and often from a bench outside where he can watch our chickens free range frolic. Then when he is indoors the cats get a lot of Andrew time – including a nap in the afternoon. While he has been in Spain I am on my own for animal maintenance.

My routine is wake up in the morning at 5. Eat, workout, come home, shower, feed the cats, feed the chickens, clean the cat box, feed the fish. Then when I get home after all my doings of the day I feed the fish, feed the cats, clean the cat box, check on the chickens, collect eggs. Then usually get to sleep by 11 or midnight.

Yesterday, after work (around 5ish) I came home for about an hour before having to head out again. I was super exhausted from my Crossfit workout that morning:

-30 Minute Calorie Test-
In 30 Minutes, complete:
50x Deadlift (45#)
50x Sit Ups
50x Wall Balls
50x Burpees
50x Kettlebell Swings (35#)
50x Box Stepups (20″)
50x Push Ups
50x Thrusters (75/45#)
50x Jumping Lunges
50x Back Extensions
-AMRAP Calories on a rower in whatever time remains.
-Work can be broken up however you choose.
-Score is either calories, or total reps if you don’t make it to the rower.

(this list contains modifications from the Rx workout)

In the 30 alotted minutes I got through the list up to 15 push ups.

When I came home I sat down on the couch and grabbed my computer to check my email. Widget, came up to me jumped on my lap put her paws on my chest and forcibly pushed me back until I was laying down. Then she said, “You will pet me until I am asleep and then you will sleep until such time as I am ready to get up from this nap. Capisce?” She spoke Italian – what was I to do but comply?

I woke up about a half hour later. Widget seemed less-than-plussed to get off of me. I gulped some food down for dinner and left the house in a frenzy to get to my class on time.

When I got home from class I went through my normal routine. I stepped into the backyard to check the chickens and there was the largest opossum I have ever seen in my life. My first thought was that it was an albino raccoon, it was so big. I let out a startled squeak. Suddenly, I realized the wrong one of the two of us was playing possum. I was frozen in my tracks as it scurried off.

Luckily, I have been getting back into crossfit so my heart rate recovery was pretty swift. I collected the three eggs the chickens had lain, got back upstairs, chatted with Andrew through the miracle of Skype and read two pages of my book before falling into a coma-like sleep.


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