Kickstarter – I hardly know her

The other day I was trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. That is, if I had all the money that I needed, what would I spend my time doing? I realized that though there would be lots of things one thing I really want to do is write a novel.

I dusted off the old NANOWRIMO project from a few years back and raked a comb through it – there were quite a few tangles (and not enough sex). I told Andrew that I would be interested in writing more if I had time and money. He suggested I start with time.

He also told me a bit about Kickstarter – I had never heard of it, so I looked online.

Holy shit, there are people giving other people money to do what they love and are good at. I was amazed. But, I think I need to see if I can actually write a decent novel before I ever ask people for money for it. I would be embarrassed if I actually got enough money to quit work and only write, with no excuses, but then produced some unreadable crap – I was going to say like Twilight, but I might be OK with writing crap that sells…. However, I still opted against the Kickstarter.

My cousin who does art using charcoal as his medium has a show coming up and has a Kickstarter campaign where he is trying to get funding to matte and display his art. In his campaign you can see the art he has created so that you know it isn’t Thomas Kinkade (that’s the art version of Twilight). Please visit his Kickstarter site and contribute.

Just a sample – go look at the Kickstarter campaign just to see how much unlike Thomas Kinkade he is.

Generally I would not use my blog to promote things. I use it mostly to entertain myself and to be Andrew’s unauthorized biographer. Turns out I sometimes entertain other people too, and that is a good feeling (as is helping an artist).

P.S. I tagged this post with Cats so that people would come look at it because that is my most popular draw. In light of that I will tell you a random cat story so as not to be a liar.

My cat Lola likes to perch on the bathroom counter while I am in the shower. She waits for me to get out and when I do she sticks her nose out towards me as though she is inspecting me to make sure I did a passable job. I will often start petting her after I dry off. This morning she was so deep in the petting that she rolled over and fell off the perch onto the floor (she is uninjured – see part of post where I stated she is a cat for proof). Once on the floor, she looked up at me (to see if I had witnessed the humiliation I presume) then looked at the door where my other cat – and Lola’s nemesis – Widget, was sitting. Lola hissed and started chasing Widget as though Widget had caused her to fall off.


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