The Klutz in My Wallet

Most of my thirties seem to be an exercise of paying off mistakes I made in my twenties. Foremost was my marriage and its ensuing debt. Bob and I got credit cards shortly after we married. The credit cards were for emergency only. You know like if the fridge breaks down, or the car breaks down, or our willpower to say no to a four star restaurant dinner with friends and lots of drinks breaks down.

Luckily, the car never broke down because Bob insisted that we have a new car every 3 years. So, basically, just as we were no longer upside down on our car, we would buy another.

Apparently, unsustainability was the theme of my marriage.

When we divorced Bob continually referred to the credit card debt as my debt as though I had all by myself spent $50,000 we didn’t have – mind you he also took a lot of our assets with him. I ended up taking 2/3 of the debt on myself, and left him with 1/3 (I am including the car payment as part of the debt that I took on).

December 1, 2009 our divorce was final.

October 25, 2012 is the day I will no longer have marriage debt.

The next mistake on my list is my law degree. Though for full disclosure that was a mistake I made in my early thirties and will be a lot more useful in my future than my failed marriage.


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