Daylight Savings Crime

Andrew is still away in Spain. He is coming back Tuesday night after having been delayed by Hurricane Sandy and the shut down of the Eastern Seaboard. Generally, while he is home he is – well – HOME. That is, he works from home, shops from home, meets his friends for coffee from home, if he could have found a way to go to Spain from home – he’d have done it; a true introvert.

We have two cats. One is Widget who is super friendly and likes people to visit so that she can get molested by strangers. Then there is our cat Lola. Many of our friends don’t even know we have a cat other than Widget. Lola is afraid of strangers, and Widget, and herself sometimes. The only person I have ever seen her tolerate outside of Andrew and me is my sister Tamar, and I think that is because we sound alike. Whenever a stranger comes into the house Lola will hide and wait a good two or three hours after the monster noises are gone to come back out.

With Andrew being gone I have been using Lola as an early-alert home alarm system. When I come home (sometimes not until late at night) I know that the house has not been broken into and that there are no strangers in it if I see her at the window.

So when I came home yesterday from hanging out with some friends for dinner and then going grocery shopping I knew all was well in the house because there was Lola in the window.

I put the groceries away and was about to feed the cats when I looked up at the clock to make sure it wasn’t too early to do that. I hadn’t yet set the clocks back an hour for daylight savings time so with some quick math I realized it was only 7:30. Yet, I knew that was wrong because according to my phone clock I’d left the grocery store at 8:00. So it was actually 8:30 – just as the clock read.

I looked at the microwave clock, 8:30. The oven clock, 8:30 (yes, there are three clocks just in the kitchen). I went into the living room and checked the clock in there, 10:45 – same as it has been for two weeks. This means that the burglar who came in and reset my clocks had not changed the batteries in the living room clock. Also, the burglar had not taken the TV, or my laptop, or, well, anything. This made me skeptical about the burglar theory; but, seeing Lola looking up at me with hungry, hopeful, dinner eyes instead of not seeing Lola because she was hyperventilating in a hidey-hole solidified that the burglar theory was not plausible.

So, maybe one of Andrew’s neighbors came by and was trying to be helpful? Or maybe one of our friends stopped by while I was out and came in and reset the clocks and left and didn’t let me know they had stopped by?

I went to Skype with Andrew and see if he had a theory and while doing so Googled daylight savings time 2012 – which is apparently not until next week. I spent almost an hour worrying about someone having broken into the house, and I will never get that hour of my life back. Well, at least not until next Sunday anyway.


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