Killers Concert

Recently I figured out that I am a huge The Killers fan. I didn’t realize that a whole bunch of the songs that I liked were all by them. That’s not because they sound different on their songs – it’s more because I somehow memorize the lyrics to songs instantaneously but can’t manage to remember band names. So, while I knew I liked Runaways and Mr. Brightside and Somebody Told Me and Human, etc., I just didn’t put together that it was the same band.

Side note – I cannot hear Human without thinking of this:

So, I bought tickets for Andrew and me to go to their concert. Andrew took this as a sign to take an out of town business trip, just like he did with the opera. I asked my friend Starr to join me for dinner and a show.

It wasn’t until I got to her apartment and we were on our way out that I informed her that because I was driving and supplying dinner and a concert that she was expected to put out. She said, “I had a dream about this, only it wasn’t you it was Ralyn (a mutual friend of ours).” I told her that could probably be arranged and away we went to meet my friend Katie for dinner.

Katie loves The Killers also. She thinks Brandon Flowers sounds like Kim Carnes. You be the judge but you may want to skip this to 1:00.

We met up at Bollywood on Alberta. The food there is delicious and really inexpensive. They save money by having people be their own servers and busers. The next big restaurant idea will be a cook your own meal in our facilities – oh wait that’s Melting Pot…

We chatted a bit over dinner and generally caught up. Katie mentioned that Tegan and Sara and M83 were opening for The Killers. I had no idea who either of these bands were. Katie said Tegan and Sara had a few decent songs and the rest of the time they sound “like this” and then she made a sound that you might get if you mashed a baby with a crow.

Starr was kind of excited to see M83.

“Who are they?” I asked.

Starr: Oh I am sure you have heard the song they have on the radio.

Me: How’s it go

Starr: Meow meow mm meow. Meow meow mm meow.

It was promising to be an exciting night of opening acts animal impressions.

We made it to the Rose Quarter with time to spare. The last time I had been to the arena, for a concert (I go there for Blazers games pretty often), was to see Billy Joel. The time before that, for a concert, had been Fleetwood Mac with Stevie Nicks and without Christine McVie. Both of those were full stadium concert – I had imagined this would be the same. I was wrong. They had about a third of the arena cordoned off to perform in. It was still an impressive amount of space/crowd. But, had I been paying better attention to that when buying tickets I would have gotten more center tickets instead of off to the side. It wasn’t a big deal in the end.

Tegan and Sara performed first. They were fine and outrightly overwhelmed by the size of the arena. However, they were Canadian – so, I honestly couldn’t be mad at them… well, until that one song that was off pitch almost the entire song… but then I got over it again – they are really kind of pixie-like and cute and they get major kudos for playing their own instruments. I didn’t hate them, but I wouldn’t purposely buy tickets to see them.

They finished and there was a stage change. I had been in a 9.5 hour meeting all day and was rethinking the intelligence of going to a concert – I was so tired and sitting through coffee-shop crow-baby music/noise was not really a pick-me-up. During the stage change Starr and I photo-bombed the girls sitting in front of us who were so excited by us doing so because they had done it to someone else earlier in the night. Sadly, it hadn’t been Starr and me that they’d photo bombed. This is the picture we took:

photo (13)

M83 came out and after the first song Starr and I swapped seats with the guys behind us because there was only the exit to the aisle behind them and we wanted to stand and dance.

Bros now in front of us: Did you guys switch with us so you can dance?

Us: Yes.

Bros (lecherously): You could have danced in front of us.

Me: We know.

M83 had this amazing energy and as mellow as Tegan and Sara were M83 was lively. They sound like so much of the 80’s coiled into one band – New Wave, Electronica, Synth Pop with a mix of Techno. It was definitely fun and dancey (spellcheck doesn’t accept either spelling of this word: dancy or dancey). They are a band from France with the unexpected last name of Gonzalez. Yann, the guitarist, has this curly-haired bob that he likes to throw all over the place and during one of their songs kept head banging to a slow beat – it was very dramatic, and hysterical.

Eventually they played their hit meowing-cat song and then played an 8 and a half minute synth jam as their last song. It was a definite uptick from the sedative of Tegan and Sara.

Stage shift.

The Killers come on. The guys in front of us got up and moved a few seats to their right (that had been vacated by Tegan and Sara fans) and I leaned over and said, “You could have danced in front of us.” They laughed.

A guy just behind and to the right of Starr and me got up, shrieked like a girl and possibly wet his pants. The entire concert he was having a super-gay-freak-out-loving-screaming-Oprah-crying moment and sang every lyric. I am sure he is still sleeping right now he wore himself out. It was adorable. I kept trying to get pics of him but it was tough.

Super freaking out in love to The Killers with Starr's finger (you know, pointing).

Super freaking out in love to The Killers with Starr’s finger (you know, pointing).

During the audience cry for an encore he leaned over and told us not to worry, that the band always closes with When You Were Young, so they’d be back. I think maybe he was just trying to get me to stop whistling through my fingers – I am glad of that, I was hurting my own ears. Then during the encore Starr and he made friends with each other because apparently they were both from Wisconsin. When the concert was over our new friend waited for a break in the applause and shouted “I LOVE YOU.”

All in all it was a really good concert. There was one point when I felt like I was at a revival, but that may be because I had also learned that night that Brandon Flowers is Mormon and was just associating. Either way, his voice is stunning and he is not so bad to ogle.

The downside of the night was that Starr did not put out.


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