Car Tunes

The week before Christmas it was freezing out, literally. In freezing weather I won’t ride my bike because that is stupid and I don’t want to die. So I borrowed Andrew’s car. I don’t really like driving the car to work because it costs $10 to park, with my bike I only pay $4. When I got to the lot I parked and took the key out of the ignition, as soon as I did I had a change of heart and wanted to move the car to a different spot in the lot. I put the key back in the ignition, turned it, and got nothing.The car didn’t even put up a mild attempt to humor me into believing it was going to try to start. No whrerr whrerr whrerr sound, no thrrrrr thrrr thrrr, no nothing.

I got out of the car, headed into work and texted Andrew to let him know where to send the tow truck. We found a garage online and eventually the car was picked up and hauled over to Everett Street Auto. As we had suspected, the starter was dead. They were going to replace it but it would not be ready until the following day.

The next day it was still freezing. So, I borrowed Andrew’s truck.

About 15 minutes into my drive to work I was on the shoulder exchanging insurance information with the woman I rear ended. Neither of us was injured. From my perspective it was a pretty minor crash. From her perspective she could only look forward (because the lid of her Toyota Corolla trunk was blocking her rear view).

Apparently it was not my week for cars.

I sometimes tease Andrew about his driving, but that is mostly because he sometimes doesn’t like to drive between the dotted lines, or sometimes isn’t sure which direction a one-way street goes, or sometimes prefers to park the car with a surprising number of tires on the sidewalk.

This weekend we were headed out and  Andrew was driving right on the lane markers

Me: You know, they make those bumpy so that even a blind man could stay in his lane.

Andrew: Sorry, I was too preoccupied thinking about how you crashed my truck into someone’s car

Our relationship endures because we love.

This week was faring far better. This morning Andrew asked me to take the car back to the garage because it stutters at idle – kind of like it wants to stall out. This was a new twitch to the car since we had the starter replaced and the garage said to drop it by. I dropped off the car and MAX/walked to work.When I got the call that the car was ready I headed back over, paid the money for the spark plug replacement.

Spark plugs was a surprising turn of events. However, it was not as surprising as getting back into the car and having the stuttering issue not resolved, especially after paying as much as I had for the spark plugs.

One time, when I was married, Bob (my ex-husband) and I were at a bank. I don’t remember exactly what had happened while we were in there; but I do remember that I was angry with a mistake they’d made and that at the end of it all I was in the car and Bob went back into the bank. When he came back out I asked him why he’d gone back in. “I was in there apologizing for you being such a bitch.”

I would like to say that I have grown a lot since that time (also, Andrew is now emailing Bob to apologize for me having been such a bitch).

Today, I went back to the garage and calmly made sure that they understood how upsetting it was that I paid so much money for something that did not resolve the problem. They sent me to a coffee shop and picked up the tab while they assessed what the actual issue with the car was. They called me back. They made an appointment with me for them to take care of my problem – the idle needs to re-set. And, they allowed me to decide whether to pay for the spark plugs or not (which I did – the car probably needed them soon enough). That was Everett Street Auto. I think that’s good customer service. Hopefully they get the repair right this time.


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