My Own Mormon Planet

Andrew and I went to see The Book of Mormon last night.

No we did not pay a ridiculous amount of money:


Note the 4th one down of $1000.00. Also the ones that say $1 when you open them say $200.

We have season tickets to the Keller Broadway series. I have been really excited to see this show and I was even more so when I realized Andrew would be in town. Andrew and I have different ways of getting ready for shows. I download the soundtrack and listen to it for two weeks before the show, I watch clips of it on YouTube, I read reviews of the performance. Andrew showers and puts on pants. Probably this made him slightly more delighted at the show than he would have been already because he had not heard the songs. However, it is hard to say because nothing delights Andrew more than blasphemy – except maybe blasphemy in song.

Aside: Andrew’s lack of prior knowledge of musicals is also why he was surprised that Fantine (Anne Hathaway) died only a third of the way into the movie Les Miserables. He was so disappointed that it took him a good five minutes to believe she was actually dead instead of just asleep.

It has been freezing cold in Portland for days now. In fact we even have snow on the ground at our house still. So, while normally I would walk with Andrew to the show from the parking garage this time I had him drop me off at the Keller. It was 7:08 when I got inside and the show was to start at 7:30. I noticed the time was that because they still had not opened up the auditorium. On the one hand that was horrible because it was hard to get into the theater, on the other hand it was horrible because I hate being in crowds. I decided the only thing to get me through waiting was a cup of cabernet. I say cup instead of glass because that is what it is served in, a little plastic cup with a lid that has a little straw hole in it. I handed the bartender my card, he ran it and handed me a receipt for $10.00!!! I could not believe it. I mean the wine was good, but it wasn’t that good. I put the lid on the cup because there was not a drop of that $10.00 not going into my mouth, in fact I would lick the cup clean, and the lid.

Andrew finally made it into the lobby just as the doors opened to let us straggle into the auditorium. I had come in prior to Andrew so we’d separated our tickets. When he went to get his ticket scanned the beeper thing was saying that his ticket had already been scanned. So he left the line he was in, went into another line and moved past the scanner person before they could register that the ticket might be false. Andrew is a criminal.

We got seated and pulled out our iPhones to chill before the show started. I went on to Facebook to waste time and I saw that one of my coworkers/friends posted a picture of himself being at the show. I commented that I was at the same place and he called me a stalker. I think he was joking about that because he and I were both at The Killers concert, and because I have tattooed his face on my right shoulder.

The woman in front of us was taking pictures of the stage and the usher told her to stop that no photography or recording of any kind was allowed in this show. So I took a picture of Andrew and me

photo (18)

Prior to the show. Andrew and me taking illicit photo of ourselves. Also, note older lady in background reading program.

and of the stage

This is the stage prior to the show. It's probably pretty hard to duplicate from memory.

This is the stage prior to the show. It’s probably pretty hard to duplicate from memory.

and later in the show of the stage during the performance (which didn’t turn out – but that wasn’t the point).

This was during the second half of the show. I have no other memory as to what was going on and this picture doesn't help with recall.

This was during the second half of the show. I have no other memory as to what was going on and this picture doesn’t help with recall.

As soon as I found out I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures I wanted to do nothing more than take pictures. I too am a criminal.

Generally the theater crowd in Portland is a little older. I was pleased to see that the older couple behind us were sitting next to a twenty-something. I was even more pleased during intermission at the twenty-something explaining who Matt Stone and Trey Parker are, “Well they wrote several movies and even another musical.” “Oh, really?” “Yes, but what they are most famous for is a TV show called Southpark.” “Oh, I think I have heard of that.”

Andrew and I enjoyed the musical; but, I think our friend Brooke summed it up well when she said it was like watching a 2 hour long Southpark episode. She also summed up my being at the theater well. On my Facebook page: “I totally heard you laugh during Book of Mormon tonight. I leaned over to Les and whispered, “I think Hadas is here”, and you were.”

I might have a loud laugh.

By the time we got home I had a headache from the wine I’d had. This morning I woke up with a crashing hangover. If I were the kind of girl to do so, I would have taken a nap under my desk at work. Apparently, licking the dregs of the wine from the bottom of the sippy cup was not the best move for me. Although, in terms of getting your money’s worth, it normally would take more glasses of wine for me to have that much of a reaction – so, I guess, $10.00 well spent. I am finally feeling well enough to hit my daily burpees (25 a day in January – here I go).


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