Improv-ing myself

I am divorced (as if you didn’t know).

One of the most amazing things that was happening for me during my divorce was improv. Improv is not stand-up comedy it is more like Whose Line is it Anway? only WAY funnier.

Improv is so healing. It teaches people to play like children again, to remove the filter a little and just have joyous moments. I remember a particular moment I had when I was at Curious Comedy. The “style” we were playing was to make emotional “you” statements. I walked out on stage and started with “You just don’t see me for who I am anymore.” The scene went on from there and when I sat back down my husdand Bob asked me if that scene start was about him. It hadn’t been, that is, I hadn’t thought – this is what I want to say to Bob. However, in a sense it had been. I think we all sort of play “where we are.” Bob asking me if it was about him really brought home to me that the sentiment was true. He had no idea who I was anymore. It helped me realize where we were at as a couple and was at least one of the catalysts that brought me through a difficult period of my life and to a happy place now.

Since that time I have worked a lot on my improv and on myself. Friends in the improv community, I think, will tell you I am a much better person than they met when I was first starting out. I have become more thoughtful, more patient, more willing to accept what others have to give and to build on that to create better, stronger, happier relationships. I am a better person partially because of Curious Comedy.

Curious Comedy is a wonderful organization. They are a 501c3 non-profit. The theater is part of the community, not just the improv community but part of their surrounding community. It has been part of creating a boon in Portland of good improv and comedy. Within Curious Comedy’s desire to use comedy as an outreach, they have a program called New Memories that uses improv to help Alzheimer’s patients improve their quality of life. They also have a program called Play on Words to help teach reading and writing skills in under-performing elementary schools.

So, while I can accurately state that Curious Comedy has changed my life, that is just a drop in the bucket of the lives they have changed for the better.

Currently, Curious Comedy is trying to raise money (running a theater is not free). They have an indiegogo campaign here:

Over the next 5 days whatever they raise will be matched by a generous donor. Please go to indiegogo and give – even just a dollar. And, please share this post.

Don’t you want more people to be like me?


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