Eat Your Heart Out Pet Shop Boys

I have the brains and the brawn!

Speaking of Opportunities* …

Ever since Curious Comedy had Night Flight come do aerial art during the holiday show of Flying Fruitcakes 2011, I have been wanting to take classes. I couldn’t though because my ACL was still torn then and has only recently felt healed-ish from the repair. Now that it is healed-ish, I signed up! Tonight was my first class.

It started at 6:30. As is my nature I showed up 2 hours early to make sure I knew how to get to the place. Once there I tried to find somewhere to eat that was close by so that I would still have an hour and a half to find a parking spot, hunker down in my car, hope that no one from the would class walk by and call me out later for getting there too early. An amazing place to eat nearby is Michael’s Italian Beef and Sausage Company.


I ordered a Chicago Style sausage on salad instead of bread. It was so good. I got their card and am going to order some sausages (made in house) to pick up next Tuesday. The place is kind of dinky, but don’t pass it by!

Once it was a more reasonable time of early (15 minutes), I went inside to the class. I filled out the waiver, took off my socks and shoes and headed to the warm-up room. There were 11 other students there. We were all stretching. Some of the other students were trying to be friendly before class started but I was too mesmerized by the chipped polish on my un-pedicured naked feet. I couldn’t bring myself to speak because I knew I would just mention how horrible my feet look, and how sorry I was about it.

We did group warm-ups which got my mind off my feet and onto my lack of flexibility. It’s not as bad as some**, but, I am glad I am in this class to try to get back to what I used to be like.

Once we were all stretched out John split us into two groups and took half of us to the silks. He showed us how to climb. Inside I was laughing at him because he is obviously quite the fool if he thought that after a quick demonstration I would be able to climb. I have been attempting rope climbs at CrossFit on and off for a couple of years with no luck.

John got off the silks. I got on. I followed the instructions he gave, and what do you know, I can FINALLY climb a rope, er… silks… but really the technique is the same and I finally understand it. Sometimes, I guess you just need to laugh at your instructor in order to get something.

John then taught us how to do a foot lock on silks and kind of hang down while holding on the rope with one hand. It looks really cool. This time I thought he was just demonstrating some of the things we would eventually learn in class. Instead, after he showed us, he had us do it. I didn’t take any pictures while hanging down from the silks*** – but imagine the stuff you see at Cirque du Soleil, I am that good already!
I found a picture of it online. I just showed this to Andrew and he said “Good Heavens.” He is in Colorado and it was by instant message; so, I am going to assume the tone he was attempting to convey was “Wow that is pretty awesome and I bet you looked adorable doing it! I wish I was that cool.” Instead of, “I am surprised you are not chatting me from the emergency room****.”

Halfway through class we switched with the group that started on trapeze. I am a flying monkey!

That was the brawn.

The Brain

Today, after seeing my cousin post on her FB wall that she signed up to take the Jeopardy! online test, I did too. My test is Thursday. More blogging to come I am sure…



* Wow that is a weird video – Lite-Brite was high-tech in the 80’s

** Read: Andrew Knees-at-Chest-Level-Lotus-Pose Berkowitz

***My hands were busy

*** As if that were even possible! He knows the VA doesn’t have wifi in the emergency room.


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