Why is EVERYTHING Broken?

Over the past week or two my work computer has started becoming glitchy. While I was working on it, it would suddenly stop working. Of course, if you asked the computer, that is when it was working its hardest. But from my perspective nothing was happening except that my cube would suddenly sound like a 747 was getting ready to taxi.

Yesterday, after 3 reboots, I had enough. I called tech support and was on the phone with them for half an hour – 25 minutes was being on hold; but, it wasn’t like I could hang up and work, because my computer was not working.

Tech support could not remote into my computer. This, apparently is the one way to get up in the queue – if they can’t monitor you they will replace your machine. And, that is precisely what they did. Within an hour. At first I was excited that maybe I could get a machine that worked. Then I realized that I had to load all of the “Advertised Programs”. I don’t mean “Do No Harm” or “Go On” – two shows  on Much Flee TV for which I predict a short life. No, I mean every single application that I need to be able to do a task that had a hard deadline of the next morning. The thing about these programs is that almost every one requires a reboot of the computer. It took until 5PM for me to get my machine to a point where I could actually start in on my job. I didn’t leave work until just past 6:30 PM.

I got into Andrew’s car and headed to sketch writing class. That’s right, Andrew’s car and not my motorcycle. Why? Because, two weeks ago I brought my bike into the shop for regular maintenance, front brakes and adding heated grips. When Chris, my mechanic at Cycle Tune (awesome motorcycle place – teh place to go in Portland) took the grips off he realized that the Grip-Assy Throttle needed replacing. Ordering the part would take a while and I haven’t yet heard back. I just hope the Flabby-Cock Bar doesn’t break.

Aside: On my way to drop off my bike I almost was run down by an SUV driver who was not paying attention to the road. The vehicle ended up about 6 feet from me on a perpendicular. This was one of the scariest moments of my life. Look twice for motorbikes!

So, I have been driving Andrew’s car, which, up until this week, had no heat in it. Apparently, part of the reason that the car was idling poorly, after the starter died and was replaced, was that there was some sort of thermometer that needed replacing (I am very precise about mechanical whatnots). The garage replaced it and got the idle to work, but then the blower motor didn’t work. So, in theory there was heat, but it wasn’t being blown into the car. This condition was super welcome during the past couple of weeks where we have been hovering around freezing. That might not have been as bad had I not also broken the ice scraper – which was really just a matter of badly designed product.

The garage resolved the blower motor issue. When I had gotten the car back from the garage, I realized that one of the dashboard lights on the air duct panel was dim where it had once – prior to having been in the garage – not been dim. I was a little frustrated (read: ready to lose my shit). I had scheduled to bring the car back Thursday morning (today). Then, as I was driving to class last night, Pink came on the radio with her new song that sounds just like her last goddamned song. I am so over Pink. I reached over and pushed “6” on my presets on the radio. Nothing. Happened. Nothing happened because when they were working on the heat and making the lights dim on the control panel, they accidentally broke the button – not all of the buttons, no, just the “6”.

I took the car into the garage at 7 AM. Cole, who is really quite lovely, took the car’s vitals and had me drive myself to work with one of his garage guys who then returned the car to the shop. I got into work and prepared for my marathon of meetings. Sitting at my desk during the meetings I started sneezing and sniffling. It soon became apparent that I am now having my EIGHTH cold since September.

I am now at home snuggled up on the couch with a Rav4 sitting in the driveway (courtesy of the garage and Dollar-Rent-a-Car) sniffling my brains out.

And, the two things that piss me off most about it all is that I ended up watching 12 minutes of “Go On” just to make sure it sucked (I will never get those 12 minutes back – it sucked even worse than I had thought it would), and that I now have that goddamned Pink song in my head.

You got to get up and try and try and try…


2 thoughts on “Why is EVERYTHING Broken?

  1. Sorry to hear about the series of breakdowns. Sometimes they just happen. After I got my GSXR, it was one problem after another and it drove me nuts. It doesn’t help that she was my only transport. Cheer up. Things will get better! Hope you get better soon! God bless!

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