Diet Tribe

As so many of you know I am an advocate of the Paleo diet.

But, I am also a huge fan of lazy.

So when I found out there was a book called The Four Hour Body I had to read it – ironically, The Four Hour Body is a tome and is taking quite some time to read. Within it the author, Timothy Ferriss, does a lot of self experimentation with dieting and physical training. He has created a diet called The Slow-Carb Diet which is a lot like Paleo, but with some changes.

For one, legumes are allowed on this diet (let the farting commence).

Second, no fruit (Andrew is bemoaning the loss of his 4-times a day applesauce habit).

Third, one day a week anything goes (Bring on the fro-yo!!!!)

So, Andrew and I are going to try this diet out for a month or so. Apparently, according to the author this diet will cut body fat percentage. I hope this means I can finally meet my dream of having washboard abs (and that Andrew doesn’t get hijacked by a biology teacher short a skeleton).

Tomorrow we take before pictures. Monday we start the diet.

P.S. – if you have any interesting recipes that use beans please post them in comments.


4 thoughts on “Diet Tribe

  1. I’ve been making Saveur Magazine’s recipe for Ethiopian Lentil Stew – right from their website – delicious, and fairly easy as well.

  2. Tamar’s GREAT and super easy bean soup:

    1 bag 15 bean soup. Throw away the crappy powder packet with all the wacky shit in it. Soak and rinse.
    1 large tub medium salsa. You don’t have Publix, so I don’t know what brand you would buy, I started using Chipotle salsa after a while to add a nice smoke to it. Don’t matter what you want is a very light salsa with Lots of REAL Veg and not a lot of tomato soup. You can usually find some form of this in the vegetable area of your store.

    Put all of it together in a crock put and add water to cover.

    Let sit on low all day or on high for several hours.

    Before cured meats were on my danger list, I used to add Spanish Chorizo (NOT to be confused with South American chorizo) about 10 minutes before serving.

    top with fresh chopped cilantro.

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