A Bunch of B’s


I am still keeping up with my 25 burpees a day. I asked my nephew Oren if he would like to join me and he said sure. So he did 8 to my 25 which is not bad considering he never does them. But here is the best ever. My 6 year old niece wanted to do them too.

Sexy Bitches. That is what Hamburger Mary’s provides. Friday night I wanted to go do something fun and Tamar suggested a drag revue. The ladies were fabulous – but even more, what I took away was how much energy they pumped into the room with music and enthusiasm.

This particular performer made up in enthusiasm what she may have lacked in dance "skills."

This particular performer made up in enthusiasm what she may have lacked in dance “skills.”

Benji’s Bitch. That’s what Siri calls my brother-in-law. After Hamburger Mary’s we hung out at the house and Tamar and Clay were showing me how awful Siri was at getting information right. We asked Siri a variety of questions she didn’t understand. Then finally Clay said, “What year was the moon landing?” Siri responded “OK Benji’s Bitch, I will do a search for when was the moon landing.” Seems to me Siri got everything right that time.

Beach. Ah Saturday. 77 degrees. Sun.

That glowing orb in the sky is the "SUN."

That glowing orb in the sky is the “SUN.”

We went to Jacksonville Beach and watched some twenty-something boys tossing a football around shirtless. I have never felt so much like a cougar. I mean it didn’t stop me from being one.

Cougar frolic!

Cougar frolic!

Brother. After the beach my brother came by and we all went to dinner and then played Rock Band. I am horrible at the drums, but I WANT to be good. I imagine that on Monday and Tuesday while on my conference calls (and on mute) I will just be practicing Rock Band drums.

My brother and his attack Chihuahua

Brunch. Today is Sunday. With the new diet we are doing, the Slow-Carb diet, I get to choose one day per week to eat whatever I want. So far:

Chocolate covered salted almonds

Chocolate covered salted almonds

Quad grande breve latte

Quad grande breve latte





I know this looks pretty tame so far.

Then this:



This is scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, sweet potato home fries, and gluten free pancakes. The pancakes were horrible. I prefer to think of them as a maple syrup delivery system.

All of that was before noon. I am now waiting for my stomach to settle enough to go for a run (or a nap).


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