Runners Paradox

You’ve heard the joke: The reason I run is because it feels so good when I stop.

It’s true. But, for me it also feels so good when I am doing it. Today, I can confidently say that I am absolutely 100% healthy (+/- 27%). I know this because I went on an 8k (+/- 3K) run.

The Hazel Dell Half Marathon and 8K run is sponsored by Max Muscle and raises money for a local charity called Panda Paws that helps rescue, rehabilitate and hospice local animals (you know… like pandas). It starts at the Max Muscle in Hazel Dell which is part of a kind-of mall (kind-of because it is anchored by a Kohls and defunct Best Buy). The first part of the run took us around the parking lot of the kind-of mall. When we finished the loop and were almost at the starting point again I feared we were going to end up running around the kind-of mall 200 times. Just as that fear seemed to be coming to fruition the course veered left into a quiet neighborhood.

The course grade was somewhere between the gentle roll of my neighborhood jogs and the treacherous climbs of downtown Seattle. It was challenging but not impossible.

Until today I hadn’t realized just how much I rely on Andrew for runs. Yes, he always knows where packet pick-up is and where the run starts and the top seven optimal ways to get to the run from the house based on traffic patterns and wind variations. But, more importantly, I realized today that I gauge the proper amount of layers for my run by subtracting 25% from what Andrew is wearing. Without my gauge today I was overburdened with jackets and shirts. As I got too warm I would take a layer off and tie it around my waist. By the time I finished the race I looked like I was wearing laundry day* on my hips.

During a race I like to use Runmeter. Aside from functioning as a pacer (it bleeps and gives me stats at intervals I set), it posts to my Facebook and then reads the comments my friends make as I am running. I was awfully surprised when it bleeped a mile in to give me my stats and I was still about a quarter mile away from the first mile marker on the race. As it turns out the race I ran was a 9.3K not an 8K, but what’s an extra K or so between friends of pandas?

In the end I felt really good about the run. My average pace was 8:46 with my fastest mile at 8:08 and my slowest mile 10:29 (can you tell which was downhill and which was up?). Now I am off to switch loads from my right hip to my left.

*no, I uh, I love the air


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