There is a downside to riding a motorcycle (insert falling joke here). When I am tired during my work day I will sometimes take a car-nap. There is something cozy, especially when the sun is out, about letting the driver’s seat back and shutting your eyes to the sounds of downtown Portland. Yesterday, I was having a rough day. I have been fretting a little bit about a job offer (that I finally got today) and had a bit of a hectic work day. I left a little early to go meet a friend for a run (read: an hour and a half early even for a run).

So, you know when you are dressed all cute and professionally for work, and then you decide to get dressed for your run before leaving work because you aren’t sure that where you are meeting your friend you will be able to change, and you come out of the bathroom after changing into your running gear and that is when you run into your boss who normally works from Idaho and now is witnessing you walking to your desk dressed in knee-high bunny-covered running socks? Yeah, that’s the day I was having. Luckily prior to leaving the bathroom with my running gear I had noticed I was wearing a running shirt that I had received from Kaiser Permanente – a direct competitor of my current company – and turned the shirt inside out.

I couldn’t have left work soon enough, in my mind. I got to ComedySportz, the pre-ordained meeting spot, and realized that I was super drained and sleepy. I needed a nap. But, there I was, on my motorcycle, in the middle of Nowhere-To-Nap, Oregon.

I dismounted and walked up to ComedySportz to see if anyone was inside and would let me couch surf for a minute – no such luck. Well, I could sit in the alley for a bit and wait for Running Buddy. I leaned up against the brick and put my helmet in my lap. I listened to the hammering and stapling of a local house’s roof work being done.

25 minutes later I woke up.

That’s right. I may not be able to car-nap when I am riding my motorcycle, but I can vagabond-nap like a boss! All I was missing was  a dog and a sign asking for money (God Bless).



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