Happy New Year!!!

You know that friend of yours? The one that when you make plans with her it’s about 50/50 that those will come to fruition? The one that will say yes to just about any activity but then has to cancel? That girl is so irritating!

Also, she’s me. I’m your friend.

Hi, my name is Hadas, and I am a Flake.

About once every other month Andrew and I have this conversation:

Me: I feel so busy all the time.

Andrew: SIGH

Me: What?!

Andrew: We should record this conversation so that you can just replay it next time you want to cut back your schedule.

Me: I just feel like I have too much going on.

Andrew: You do.

And that is the crux of it. I do too much and want to do even more. But, there are only 24 hours in a day, and 7 days a week, etc. Some of those hours need to be unscheduled, as I am learning.

I use a calendar. Google Calendar even. If Google Calendar were my treadmill, I would hang my clothes on it. That is to mean, I don’t really use it properly. Sometimes I put appointments in the calendar. Sometimes I make appointments and don’t put them in there. Sometimes I make appointments where appointments already exist because I did not look at the calendar before putting an appointment in there. Sometimes I look at the calendar and am surprised that I have an appointment to be somewhere – across town – ten minutes ago.

All of this is super irritating, not just to the friends I cancel on when I have been overbooked for two weeks and need a moment of me-time, but to me. I hate being flaky.

As such, I am making a New Year’s resolution to be better at calendaring and to be less flaky.

It’s not New Year.

I know.

See the problem?


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. 10 years ago, I was doing this. Experience and the desire for occasional complacency and comfort have changed me.

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