There was an old lady who swallowed a fly….

I solved the age old question.

I do know why she swallowed that fly.

It’s because she went for a run at lunch in a park. It was a lovely day and she was with two coworkers who were having a pleasant conversation about their kids that attend school together. That lady was not joining in because she didn’t have kids, or anything to add to the conversation. And, so, she just concentrated on her breathing – out on every second footfall with the left foot, the in will take care of itself. Mind you, that lady and her friends are not super speedy, just a nice 9:30 pace on a paved park path. There was no reason for the fly to jump into the ladies mouth as she inhaled, she certainly wasn’t aiming for it (though apparently the fly was).

I know you are wondering if that lady was me, and let me say a few things about that.

1) a fly hitting your uvula is disturbing AND painful

2) It is a bit disconcerting – I am not sure if I swallowed the fly or if it bounced out of my mouth

3) almost 38 does not qualify me as “an old lady” and I resent any reference to such in the song.

I am done talking about this – which is a good thing because that run made me so hungry, I could eat a horse…


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