Ballz in My Face

Quick Quiz:

If you came home to your girlfriend telling you that her face is sore from balls in the face and that she is not in the mood for anything because of a crashing headache, are you:

A) Dating a Porn Star?

B) Dating an Ice Queen?

C) Dating a Klutzy Crossfitter?

If you chose C then your name is likely Andrew.

Last week, the WOD (Workout Of the Day) at my box (CrossFit Gym) was 75 handstand pushups for time. But every minute at the top of the minute, until the pushups were complete, we had to do 10 ball slams. I chose the 12lb ball because I wanted a light weight so that I could finish this year.

I went for a warmup round and it turns out that the ball I was using was a bouncy ball. I found this out after slamming the 12 pounds into the floor and then squatting to grab it but I couldn’t see it to grab it. I couldn’t see it because my vision had suddenly gone blurry what with having to deal with the excruciating pain in my jaw and tongue. The ball bounced right into my chin, I bit my tongue (F=MA; I just slammed a 12lb ball into a floor and was in a deep squat when it bounced into my chin)

I took a few breaths and went and got a 15 pound ball that was certainly heavier but not bouncy.

I went through with the workout and ended up doing 15 handstand pushups before having to modify them. Then I went on with my evening.

I got home and wanted a bite to eat, so I put a couple of nuts (almonds) in my mouth. Chewing them was excruciating, so I popped some raisins (raisins) in my mouth – definitely softer but still painful. Andrew got home and made me some chicken soup.

My jaw still hurts a week and half later. Suggestions (not involving keeping my mouth shut – I’m a talker) welcome.


3 thoughts on “Ballz in My Face

  1. OMG, I just did the same exact thing with a 12lb ball that bounced instead of staying in the floor like I thought it should’ve. My jaw feels out of place and I can’t bite down in the back of my mouth. My head hurts tremendously. What ever came of that? Did you have to see a doctor?

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