WOD’s Up?

Before we left for tournament I was having trouble packing. On the one hand, I had just been on a business trip where all I needed to pack was a backpack, and the idea of doing that again was really appealing. On the other hand, I’m a girl. I finally settled for an oversized backpack, 6 dresses, several shorts and shirts and only 4 pairs of shoes. I also packed a bunch of workout clothes – at this, Andrew smirked.

“You know, you aren’t going to workout during tournament?”

“What do you mean, of course I will!”

“No, you will be too tired and there won’t be enough time.”

“Oh, it’s on!” Because everything is a challenge, and I love to win.

Tournament is a combination of workshops in improv and watching people play shows until a winner is declared. Pile on that a loving, nurturing, cultish nerdery with some drinking and you have a pretty good image of the week.

Saturday: The day I flew in I did not work out because it was a long day and I was exhausted.

Sunday: Andrew and I walked around Toronto Island so much that it was a workout.

Monday: Again, a lot of walking around, but still no actual working out – although, Andrew and I did go to the hotel pool and Andrew showed me his impression of swimming (which looks an awful lot like drowning). I am going to count that as a workout because I laughed so hard it was like sit-ups.

Tuesday: This was the official opening day of tournament. WOD: 4x {.25mile run, 25 pushups, 25x 25lb KB swing} – 18:56. That evening to kick off the events we all went on a boat ride and then walked to a bar. At first I was concerned the bar might not be able to handle as big a party as we were, but then I realized that we were the only people in Buffalo. They did have to call in another bartender, but we were the only crowd in the bar. I shouldn’t say we were the only people in Buffalo – homeless people are people too. On the way to the bar one guy with his shirt off was walking in the opposite direction as me and as he passed, he was leering lasciviously and reached out his hand as though to touch my hoohah. I jumped to the side (plyometrics workout – I am counting it!) and the woman I was walking with said “Oooh! I saw that. That DID just happen.” I was glad she said that because I was in disbelief. When it was time for me to get back to the hotel I gladly accepted an escort from our party.

Wednesday: WOD: {AMRAP 7 minutes: 40 rope jump (the rope was not one you could do double unders with) 40 sit-ups} rest one minute then {AMRAP 7 minutes: 20x (10 each side) 25lb kb Clean and press, 10 burpees}. I don’t remember my score but it was good. Later in day went for about a 3 mile run with a handful of other improvisors – fun!

Thursday:  WOD: {Run around parking lot (I am assuming it was about 300meters) 4x. After run 1: 40 pushups, run 2: 40 squats, 3: 40 lunges, 4: 40 situps} – 9:48

Friday: I hadn’t gotten to bed until almost 2AM. Andrew was passed out when I got to the room. I woke up 3.5 hours later at 5:30 and could not get back to sleep. So, what’s a better idea than going for a 6 mile run? After I got back from my run Andrew was still sleeping, it’s almost like he was sleeping for both of us. So, I went and grabbed some breakfast and coffee. I took my time eating to not wake him when I got back to the room. I also grabbed Andrew a to go breakfast and brought it back. He was still asleep – I put a mirror under his nose just to make sure. I left breakfast in the room and went down to the business room where I caught up a bit on emails and blogged a little until he arose woke up. Later that day a bunch of people went for a run. I went for a nap, but somehow could not sleep still. So instead I learned a new form of improv and grabbed some heartburn at Mighty Taco before heading to the shows.

Saturday: I was determined to take a rest day. I walked out to the KanJam tournament and watched people throw frisbees for a bit. I did a few handstand pushups and then went back to the hotel. After about five minutes at the hotel I got antsy and joined a walk to find a restaurant that was, purportedly, 2 miles away from the hotel. Apparently, that was an inaccurate estimation and we ended up a bit lost. As we stood on a corner in Amherst pulling out our smart phones and attempting to figure out where we were and how to get to where we wanted, some guy in an SUV pulled up next to us and started laughing at us for being lost even with our phones. In my memory his SUV turned into a horse and he spoke in a cowboy accent – as is the norm in Western New York. He talked us into heading to Elmwood, nearby, and finding someplace to eat there – “Have a good day ma’am.” hat tip, horse spur, dusty sunset. We found a Greek restaurant that was serving breakfast all day and although it was not worth the walk specifically, it was tasty. Luckily, when traveling with other improvisors, the trip is what makes everything else worth it. I couldn’t tell you how far we walked, but the trip back was 1.8 miles so I am going to assume it was a total of 4.5 miles of walking, because getting there was far more circuitous than getting back. Andrew said I had a weird idea of “rest day”.

That night was the last night of shows. Throughout the week I had been laughing so much (ab workout – I am counting it!) and talking to people in noisy areas that I had lost my voice. On my way back from the end-of-tournament party I was walking alone and as I neared the hotel a man started cat-calling and telling me to slow down. “No, baby, stop runnin’!” were the last words I heard as I ripped the hotel door open (sprinting workout – I am counting it!).

Sunday: I did not work out. But I did go for a stroll after second breakfast.

So I feel like I can safely claim victory. Yay fitness! I was actually pretty proud of myself and when I went to my home box (Crossfit gym) yesterday. I was mentally super-prepared for whatever they were going to throw at me (That is, until I found out it was Barbara {5x – 20 pull-ups, 30 chest to ground push-ups, 40 sit-up, 50 squats, 3 minute rest}) which resulted in a blood blister on my hand). And while it’s true I am proud I got all that working out done, I am even more happy about proving Andrew wrong and therefore winning.

Also, I would like to thank the homeless people of Buffalo for adding a couple of extra workouts in for me!


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