Happy Birthday to Me

You’d think starting a day with a South African Leprechaun would set the note of a good day and would not be able to be beat. You’d be right on one of those.

Today was my birthday. It started with rolling out of bed and into a conference call for work. That was followed shortly by going to the arthritis doctor to establish care (decided to go to private care instead of the VA any more). My doctor was delightful (and also a South African Leprechaun). My favorite moment was when he asked me if I used to be overweight when I told him how much I workout and how I eat. I mean I know I am no longer overweight – but it’s always nice to hear confirmation. He was also very thorough. I mean – even though I have been on Remicade for 10 years and it works, he still went through a full physical and diagnosis. I really appreciated that. Also, I really should have reconsidered not wearing underwear today. There was only one awkward moment involved with the hospital gown, a sheet and me touching my toes. I will leave you all to your imaginations.

The meeting ended with blood work and x-rays. X-rays were provided by Zach Braff’s J.D. character in Scrubs if he had become an x-ray technician and the show had been called Films. It was not unpleasant.

As soon as I got into the truck to go to work (my motorcycle is getting a tune-up) I was back on the phone for a conference call. I got to work just as my battery hit 10%. I finished the call and went to a meeting. I finished the meeting and went to a meeting. I finished the meeting and ate some food then went to another meeting. I did some work and then another meeting.

Tomorrow and Friday are big days at work. We are having a review by a regulatory agency and it’s a lot of tension and pressure. I grabbed some dinner and forgot to stop eating. It was SO good. Now I am at home, working… er… taking a break from working to blog.

This is not the way I’d have chosen to celebrate my birthday; but it was still nice. Andrew got me a torture device that is making desk work slightly less painful. He also got me flowers that are stunning (yes, that’s two flowers from my boyfriend in two months – color me stunned). Also I got a beautiful bunch of flowers from my good friend who is making me change my opinion on Stephanies (not including my delightful cousin who is charming and nice and smart and beautiful – most Stephanies I have met are less than pleasant for me) despite her being a Bethany. The other consolation of not having the best DAY for my birthday is that I usually celebrate more of a birthweek-or-two-or-three. So, this weekend better make up for today!


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