Walking on. Broken Glasses…

I do not know when Cat-Eye Frames (CEF) came into this world, but I distinctly remember the day they entered my life. I was at Buffalo Exchange with friends looking for a prom dress for a roller skating birthday party. One of my friends saw CEF and introduced us, knowing we would be a perfect match. I took CEF out (of the store) for only $8 and was hooked.

It was a bit of an adjustment with us at first. I mean I wanted CEF in my daily life, but I felt it was a douchey move for me to put contact lenses in to wear glasses. That’s when I knew that the only way to really commit to CEF was to make it a true part of my life. For a mere $35 CEF became my prescription glasses. After that we were constantly together. Andrew said I looked cartoonish at first, but even he adjusted to how perfect CEF and I were for each other. Whenever I went out with CEF we always got compliments.

la foto (4)

I took CEF to my first ComedySportz World Championship, in Buffalo. That’s when it happened. I was careless and left CEF too close to the edge of the bathroom sink. CEF fell to the ground and split.

We tried to save CEF. But even Crazy Glue didn’t quite do it. People often ask me about CEF and I still have to stifle a little sob.

From Buffalo Exchange to Buffalo, New York, CEF, you were good to me. We were a great pair. I mean, you were a great pair in and of yourself. I hope one day to find another pair of frames that suits me as well as you did. So long dear friend.

la foto (3)


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