I remember, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind

This Friday, my friend Amy told me that I have officially crossed over into cuckoo land.

This was shortly after I told her I was curing my own elbow tendonitis with voodoo floss. My elbow had started flaring after several days worth of working on handstands at CrossFit. But after just two days of flossing 3-5 times per day, my elbow is fine.

Which was shortly after I told her that I was on a super strict diet to try to get to 17% body fat for fun. The diet I am on is The Last Mile which is part of Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Body and is basically eating small portions of protein and fat every three hours with maybe some spinach or broccoli. After about two weeks I have lost 3/4 of an inch around my hips and half an inch on my waist. I am also seeing a lot more ab definition.

Which was shortly after I told her I was taking only cold showers to thermogenically boost my metabolism and calorie burning. The first couple of showers were awful and the cold water was shocking. So much so it felt like I was losing my breath. But now, when I get in the shower, if it’s set at tepid it feels warm to me. My body has adjusted and I actually like the cold water.

I stood there looking at her as she called me crazy and realized I really had no counter argument for her assessment.




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