Love is Kinda Crazy With a Spooky Little Girl Like Me

We were packing our things to leave Colorado and Andrew hadn’t seen me head downstairs in front of him. So, when he had his back turned towards me I jumped out of the shadows and said “BOO!”

About 24 hours later the color returned to his face and he was able to look at me without me feeling like I owed him another apology.

Here’s Andrew on his fear of scary things (back when he took a crack at standup*):

I hadn’t realized until that moment in Colorado just how realistic the Alien story is. The Colorado thing happened two and a half years ago.

I grew up the baby of four. Our parents worked full time and had not much money for entertainment. Scaring the crap out of each other was how we amused ourselves when Monopoly and Risk became monotonous. It is a testament to my love for this man that I have managed to restrain myself from hiding in the MANY dark shadows of our house for my amusement.

But, he loves me as well.

This Saturday I got home from a particularly fun ComedySportz show and was telling him all about it while chomping on the kale chips he’d made to be ready when I got home. We chatted and snacked and I went over to the couch in the living room, sat down, and suddenly realized that I had a cold.

Andrew donned a cape and went into Super-Boyfriend mode – which pretty much consists of feeding me, telling me I should sleep, and telling me that No, running 10 miles is not the best way to fight this thing. All that and keeping me entertained. It’s not very often that Andrew and I will veg out in front of the TV, but when I am sick, that is one of the times.

Sunday I slept through a lot of football. Then around noon I announced I was feeling better and it was too pretty to be indoors all day. I got off the couch and went to the bedroom to find some clothes. I found a cute shirt and some jeans, laid them out on the bed and woke up three hours later when Andrew came in to check for a pulse.

I moved back to the couch and tried to find something on TV to keep me amused.

We both do improv at ComedySportz and must therefore keep up to date on current trends and pop culture. Recently, we’d watched some episodes of Breaking Bad, Andrew watched some Orange is the New Black, so I figured it was probably time to see what all of the hype was over The Walking Dead.

I found the first episode on Netflix and as soon as it started with the ghost town feel to it, I realized why we had not yet watched this. I looked out the corner of my eye at Andrew, who was sitting on the other couch. There he was, staring at the corner of the couch I was sitting on, distinctly turned away from the television.

Me: Are you going to be OK with this?

Andrew: Probably not.

Me: Do you want me to stop it.

Andrew: No. I’ll watch it…. Or the couch. It’s fine.

The show progresses a bit more and I realize that it’s not really a startling type of show. They aren’t doing the music buildup and bang. There aren’t a lot of surprise shots. I am feeling pretty confident that Andrew will probably be fine watching the rest of this. I look over where he is sitting to check in and he is hugging a pillow and scrunched into a sitting fetal position staring at the couch I am sitting on with a horrified look on his face.

Me: I think I got the point of this show. We don’t need to watch anymore.

Andrew: Who’s watching?

I turned off Netflix and had Andrew sit next to me. Then I put on Golden Girls to counteract the terror.

As we were headed to bed that night I was giggling a little about how horrified he got during a pretty mild show. Then I told him how nice I am for not trying to startle him all the time. Andrew told me to be quiet about it. So I hugged him close and started whispering in a slightly squeaky voice, “Is this quiet, enough?” Andrew, screeched like a little girl who’d had her pigtails pulled.

So now whispering isn’t allowed in the house.

Now Andrew is planning a four week trip to Thailand. I am pretty sure these things are unrelated.

Today I was feeling better, but not 100%, so I worked from home. In the afternoon, Andrew headed toward the gym. About 20 minutes after he left I ran after him, figuring that running 1.25 miles downhill with a guaranteed ride back home was the perfect post sick workout.

When I got to the gym Andrew was still working out. While waiting for him I once again proved my love by not grabbing the key to the car, unlocking it, returning the key, and then hiding in the back seat until Andrew was halfway home.


*The obnoxious loud cackle-laughter is me


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