Between Reality and Fiction, it’s a Thai

Yes, I have been busy, blah blah blah. But, the problem is a lot of fun things to write about have happened since I last posted. I don’t know where to start. I am having major writer’s paralysis because of it. Instead of going through the entire month in one post, I decided to just write one of the things. Hopefully I will find time to write more of the things.

Andrew, is afraid of zombies. And vampires. And monsters in general.

He cannot watch scary movies because they frighten him and give him nightmares. Also, I am not allowed to whisper in a scary voice in his ear.

And, yet, he flew to Thailand. In early December.

Sure, saying it that way doesn’t seem so bad. But, they were having a bit of an uprising in Bangkok, Thailand because they don’t like their Prime Minister and want her out of office.

Also, the flight he was taking was going to be traversing the disputed islands in Southeast Asia that China had – just that week – warned countries not to fly over or they would shoot them down.

Andrew is into decision economics – or as people familiar with economics call it, “economics.” An interesting aspect of this is that often people are less concerned with high probability issues (like getting accosted in Bangkok by rioters or getting shot down in an overseas flight) than they are with low probability issues (like having your brains being sucked up by a fictional character). When I addressed my concerns over his lopsided  thought processes, he retorted that I am forgetting that the Thai people, although rioting, were taking a few days off to celebrate their beloved kings birthday, that China wasn’t going to shoot down a plane full of potential tourists, and that I was maybe not taking into account that zombies EAT BRAINS.

I guess he had me there.

It turns out though that my concerns, although realistic (by which I mean based in reality as opposed to fiction), did not come to fruition and he had a lovely time. For proof go here. He’s very funny.


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