Toe Jam

I have been trying to convince Andrew to get a hot tub since I moved in – possibly before.

Among the many excuses he gives me for why we won’t be getting one he has never mentioned how dangerous they are. Then again, he’s barely seen me using one – that is the real danger.

After working all day from my sister’s house in Florida, a soak in her hot tub was too tempting. I found a bikini in Tamar’s drawers and skeptically put it on. By some miracle of the traveling pants, the suit fit even though Tamar is far more voluptuous than I – by orders of magnitude. Let’s just say you can get through a lot of the alphabet before reaching her cup size, and my cup size is more like a good grade in school.

Bikini acquired, I pulled the top off the hot tub and soaked. While in the tub I was playing words with friends and texting with Andrew and Tamar. As an extrovert it is both relaxing and tense for me to be alone for too long. I needed company. It only took me about an hour before I had to get out and do stuff. I dried off and tried to get the top back on. Only, I had put it in an awkward place and couldn’t lift it from outside of the tub. So I climbed back in and tried tugging from inside the tub. My footing slipped a bit, so I kicked out my foot to reset and slammed my Morton’s toe into the side wall. It smarted. Eventually, I got the top back on and went into the house.

I laid down on the sofa and looked at my toe.


The toe seemed off-color to me. I texted Andrew and told him I thought I broke my toe. Then I told him the story of what happened. Eventually  I realized that my toe was really broken.

Andrew was really helpful:


About an hour later:


So Tamar medicated me with red wine and humored me about still being able to run the half marathon on Saturday. At one point last night I’d had enough to drink that I even tried running on my foot a bit. “I am totally running on Saturday.”

I woke up this morning to this:


If my toe were any more off color it would be Paula Deen. So, I am not going running on Saturday.

According to Dr. Google it takes 4-6 weeks for toe breaks to heal.

I think the thing that would make me feel better is another soak in the hot tub.


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