I’m Bringing Klutzy Back

It’s not so much that nothing’s happened to me since I left Costa Rica… in fact a LOT has happened since then. But, most recently, the things that have happened actually fit in this blog.

About 3 months ago I accidentally tore my oblique while doing sit-ups. Just as I was given the all-clear by doctor, I got into a slight motorcycle accident (bike was totaled, I scraped my knee, bruised my hip and mildly tore muscles in my neck and shoulder). The doctor gave me the all-clear to start up workouts again yesterday.

One day, maybe before I turn 40 next year I will be able to complete a simple activity such as “walking down the completely empty sidewalk in the middle of the day with no obstacles and no drugs in my system on a sunny dry day” without spraining an ankle scuffing a knee and losing skin from my hand.

Today, was not that day.

Tomorrow is looking spurious.


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