Today’s WOD Brought to You by the Letter R

R as in Reserve Tank.

To prep for this WOD you must forget to flip your gas tank gauge from Reserve to Tank the last time you’ve filled up. Also, do this WOD in the early morning so that you are bundled up with a sweatshirt underneath your motorcycle riding gear for maximal sweat potential. Finally, be on your way to an important meeting in order to feel the high intensity levels of stress and adrenaline.


Pull over on the side of the highway making sure you and your motorcycle are safe.

Angrily stomp around your motorcycle and pull your helmet off while shouting Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck.

Text your boyfriend for sympathy.

One Round for time:

(Dressed in full motorcycle gear with 12lb backpack)

Hike 1.5 miles up Sylvan Hill (just off 26W) from Zoo exit to Sylvan exit.

Retrieve 1 gallon of gas. (this will require you to either pay $15 for a gas tank or to leave your drivers license to borrow the tank)

Angrily wonder why your boyfriend has not returned your text.

Hike back downhill with extra weight.

(expert tip: Find a location on your backpack to hang your helmet so that when one arm gets tired from carrying the gallon tank you can switch without spilling gas into your helmet. Don’t wait for spilling to have happened already, because just like with perfumes, when it comes to the scent of gasoline a little goes a long way.)

(It is not a DNF if a kind stranger gives you a ride for about a half mile from when he picks you up to the as close as he can get you to your bike).

Cool Down:

Walk from drop off spot to the motorcycle and put the gallon of gas into the gas tank.

Ride back to the gas station and fill up.

Retrieve your driver’s license and remember the gas guy is trying to be friendly not annoying.

Retrieve text message from boyfriend saying he got your message late and asking if you are OK.

Miss the exit onto the 26W on your way to work – which is fine because riding the back streets is probably more relaxing.

Have a good laugh at yourself with your coworkers.


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