Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I always say that once you break up you really can’t go back. Like, there is a reason you broke up in the first place. I am reminded of that again today. I knew that we weren’t really meant for each other, but on paper we look perfect.

Both sporty.

Both hard working and driven.

Both smart and fun.

Yet, in reality, the dynamic just wasn’t great.

Since I started my job at Nike at the end of June, I have been mostly dissatisfied. I didn’t really want to take the job in the first place. I had worked at Nike before and things were fine for a while and then I just didn’t love it. There are many reasons why Nike and I don’t work, but I think I can mostly sum it up with it just not being a good fit. I love the start-up world and environment and no matter how employee focused Nike is (and they are), they are not a start-up. In the end, I was unhappy – and I wasn’t hiding it. Also, I now feel way less guilty about preferring New Balance Minimus running shoes.

Today, this morning, I was fired. That is so hard to write. I didn’t even write it at first. Then I wrote “let go”. But, no. I was fired. It sucks. I know I was unhappy. I know this probably wouldn’t have lasted much longer from my end, but despite it all – being fired sucks. It was like being broken up with by someone I was totally going to break up with. “I didn’t want to date you anyway.” seemed an undignified response. I returned all of their belongings, retrieved mine, got in my truck and cursed my former boss for making me drive from Vancouver into Beaverton in the morning only to make me have to drive back through rush hour traffic – this would have been more convenient yesterday afternoon, then I could have slept in this morning. It’s a little thoughtless.

In the end, I enjoyed the people I worked with and have made some great new connections and friends.

Now I have a new job: Finding my new work-home. My main focus will be to make sure to trust my instincts.

Also, I have to get my cell phone number back… I hope that’s not difficult.


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