Sausage Fest

My first birthday with Andrew, four years ago, he bought me season tickets to the Keller Broadway series. My response was super enthusiastic, there may have been squeeing and jumping up and down. But, then I looked him in the eye and said, “You do understand that although you will now buy these in subsequent years, this is the only year they count as a birthday present, right?”

He nodded and said something like, “I am aware.” (loosely translated to “I have the owner’s manual on you.”)

Last night was the first show for the 2014-15 season and it was Kinky Boots. I had a special affinity to this show in that PGMC had sung from it in our spring concert. To add to the excitement, it was date night.

For Andrew’s Birthday the last three years I have taken him to well-rated restaurants in the Portland area. The first was Le Pigeon, then Aviary and this year was Beast. While at Beast this year we came up with the idea that we should go monthly to a nice restaurant instead of just on his birthday. Then I looked at him and said, “You do understand that although we are going to do this more frequently, it will still qualify as your birthday present, right?”

He nodded and said something like, “I am aware.” (loosely translated to “Thanks, that’s what I was hoping for.”)

Last night’s installment of Hadas and Andrew eat Portland is brought to you by Olympic Provisions.

To start off, I was quite proud of myself for letting Andrew pick a place and surprise me. Apparently I wasn’t the only one impressed with myself because when we sat down I said, “Nice choice! I feel like I am smiling like an idiot.” and Andrew responded, “Yeah, I was surprised you didn’t badger me for the location over the past two days.” (I might ruin surprises sometimes)

Immediately I loved the place. It isn’t super decorated it looks a bit industrial. And they were playing country music – Willie Nelson, Jerry Reed, Dolly Parton – that and charcuterie? I was literally in hog heaven.

The waitress came by and, obviously not wanting to disturb us, started whispering the specials of the day. I asked her to speak up and she started talking to us in what can only be described as slightly audible. Andrew ordered our dinner.

The first item was a Spanish Sausage platter.


Spanish Sausage Plate

As you can see it was delicious. The spot all the way to the left was hazelnuts and roasted bell peppers. Andrew is finishing the cheese on the right. In between was various chorizo, ham and sausages.

Our second course was butter lettuce salad with tarragon and Italian flat parsley with a lemon dressing:


Butter Lettuce Salad

Also delicious. I ordered a Falanghina with it. It’s a nice lemony and melon-y dry-ish white. It went beautifully with the salad as the tart dressing dulled the lemon notes in the wine and enhanced the melon and pineapple.

The main course we share was a pork loin with artichokes and humongous beans and lemon soaked cipollinis (onions):


Humongous Beans and Loin

See how huge the beans were.

Unfortunately I kept forgetting to take pictures of the food when it came to the table, but I assure you it looked as beautiful as it tasted. We ordered two chorizos to take home with us and headed to see Kinky Boots. The show was super glam and glitz. There was some unevenness in the characters and in the songs, but by and large it was entertaining and the man playing Simon/Lola was brilliant. He really portrayed the character with a lot of depth and not as a one-note trope.


Glitz and Glam – as promised

I may not be the best photo journalist.

During intermission Andrew and I played hashtag wars with each other texting:

The category was #BadThemeParks:

#BadThemeParks @midnight

#BadThemeParks @midnight While we are on this subject, I am a huge Nerdist fan and I don’t understand why Chris Hardwick keeps saying he is single when he is totally my boyfren.

What delighted me the most about this was that Andrew and I were sitting right next to each other texting and laughing. I am certain the old lady next to us thought we were bonkers, but I am also certain that she was confused when Lola came out on stage dressed like a man.

On our way back to the car I said, “You are a really great date.” to which Andrew replied, “I am aware.” (loosely translated to, “I am aware.”)

Andrew has already picked out the next restaurant I hope I don’t implode with patience before then.


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