Prostrate to the Prostate

I begged.

I pleaded.

I pouted.

But no matter what I do, Andrew will not grow a Movember mustache. I tried to remind him that it’s for his prostate health and that if he grew a mustache it would mean his prostate would be healthy for another year – where else can you get that kind of guarantee?

I told him it doesn’t matter what other people think, because I’m his girlfriend, and the people who love him won’t put a restraining order out just because of some lip hair. We don’t even own a windowless van.

Alas, no cajoling would do. He has remained headstrong about this. But, let me ask you this:


Movember 2013

This is so Tom Selleck and not John Wayne Gacy, am I right?



2 thoughts on “Prostrate to the Prostate

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