My Greatest Weakness Is How Great I Think I Am

Can we change the way we hire?

I just filled out an online employment application asking me where I need to grow the most. I can tell you that where I need to grow the least is in the general area of my ego.

Sure, there are things I can do better, but often those things are situational and contextual. There is not, in my estimation, a personal characteristic flaw that I carry along with me from job to job. Unless having a great personality, a drive to accomplish things and being adaptable to difficult circumstances is a flaw.

Also, what are hiring managers gaining from this information? Most everyone I know answers this question with bullshit answers like “I am a perfectionist” or  “I am a workaholic”. No one ever says “I am confrontational and sometimes get a little stabby when my caffeine levels get low” or “I am sloppy with my work and prefer to shift blame from the back nine”. Yet, in many work environments I have met those people.

Here’s my response to this question – I personally need to grow my ability to have patience with an application process that requires me to answer this question.


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