The Truth

Solo travel has opened my eyes up to some very important truths.

  1. I tell people often, but they do not believe that I am shy. I don’t mind small group settings and once I get going I am okay. But meeting new people is scary and hard for me. Which leads to truth number
  2. Andrew and I have a cleaning lady that comes every other week. She also does my laundry. Andrew still thinks I am a slob. Andrew has no idea the extent of my nature. I got into my apartment that I have only been in for 5 days and had to carve a fire safety path from the bed to the front door. I started off okay. I put things on shelves and hangers. Then somehow entropy got the upper hand and now I wake up and smell clothes to remember if I’ve worn them already – and if they are still okay to wear anyway (I do not do this with gym clothes – they’re fine to keep wearing until I don’t have to put my nose to them).
  3. I love food. I know this is no revelation, But when I look back on my pictures so far of this trip, more than 50% are of the dinners I have had.

    My dinner at 108 which is an offshoot of noma, a two star Michelin restaurant currently closed while the staff is on vacation and the restaurant relocating.

    My antipasto at an Italian restaurant that I have fallen in love with, FAMO. The food was not only beautiful but magnificent. The flavors were so thoughtful and played with each other. The wine pairings were perfection.

    This was the pasta, the rabbit and the dessert dish (panna cotta). The chef flirted with me while he cooked at the counter I was sitting near. And the waitress was played by Shelley Duval as Olive Oyl. This was the best Italian food I have ever had.

  4. Running around a strange city with a guide is my new favorite way to explore it. In fact, I may see if Portland has a running guided tour just to check it out. You get to enjoy a jog without feeling like you have to constantly check your map. You get to pretend to sight see when you need to take a breather. And, for me, it was a great way to have a little – much needed – extrovert time. I do feel a bit bad for Alexandra who probably got to speak half as much as normal because she was the first human contact I had had in days and I verbally geysered all over her.

    Having said that, she was an amazing guide and tooke me on a 9k around Christiania – the hippie socialist community that has declared itself free from Denmark (and the EU) and is known for it’s art and pot. Think: Saturday Market located in Forest Park with its own flag and sustainably built houses prior to pot being legal – if Forest Park had also been a military complex during WWII. Use if/when you are here – they run other tours as well.

  5. I am lonely. I am an extrovert and being alone is very difficult. I like to have someone around to prattle at. Unlike an introvert who shares all of his thoughts with only himself, in a dark room, after checking for surveillance equipment. I like to share every thought in my head as it is formulating – regardless of how half baked it is. Two days ago a friend of mine texted me that she had a weird dream that I’d come home early and shrugged it off as “not for me.” This may be more prescient than she intended. I am going to stay on this trip for the allotted duration, but it will probably be the last time I travel alone – at least for this long of time.
  6. While I believe I have mastered the science of packing – I have not quite got the art down yet. I am totally into having just the few things I need while still having a versatile wardrobe. But, I did not bring enough layering and I brought two pairs of wrong shoes while not bringing a specific pair I should have. This will require more traveling to sort out. Anyone want to be my buddy?

Bonus Material:

  1. As I am wandering through Copenhagen I am recalling the John Irving book Until I Find You – and that makes me want to get a tattoo.
  2. I have gotten more than 15000 steps every day (even on days I don’t do much) and one day even logged over 40000.
  3. I will get sick on every vacation. Now that I know the rule I can plan for it.
  4. Drinking two 12oz cups of concentrated cold brew causes insomnia on either side of the Atlantic Ocean.

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